Your clothes should change to fit your body – not the other way around


Let bodies be bodies!

Body sizes are dynamic, and can change throughout our life for so many reasons. In a culture that tend to value thinness, gaining weight can be a challenge mentally.⁣

When I gained weight, the uncomfortableness I felt about my changing body was exacerbated by clothes that had become uncomfortable because they no longer fit.⁣

Seams that dug into my sides⁣

Pants that made deep breathing hard⁣

The sound of fabric ripping when I got dressed.⁣

My solution became thrift shopping (because just buying a new wardrobe is expensive!).

I focus on buying clothes that fit my current body size, not some past or potential future size, and at first packing away the old clothes.⁣

Now I’m ready to say goodbye to the clothes I’ve outgrown, selling them at a stand in a secondhand store. I’ve also been selling some of my active wear, as it’s about time I realised a chronically ill person does not need that many leggings!

What I’m trying to tell you is:

💜 Please treat your body with respect and kindness.⁣

💜 Don’t change your body to fit your clothes – change your clothes to fit your body.

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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