Bring the Yoga Studio into Your Living Room – App Review

Yoga is amazing.

When it comes to your headspace it’s unlike any other type of exercise.

In my personal experience, yoga works better than meditation for my head. The way it helps my focus on nothing but my breathing and how my body feels is so helpful when my thoughts are getting a little out of control and I’m feeling stressed.

Today I want to show you my favourite yoga app that helps you practice right from the comfort of your own home, whenever you want.

The app is called Yoga Studio and it was my favourite when I was discovering yoga back in 2013.

Turns out it still is, as I rediscovered it recently when my anxiety and depression started playing tricks with my brain again. And now I want to pass the recommendation on to you, hoping you’ll find it as helpful as I have.

UPDATE June 2017: The yoga studio app recently changed the pricing structure, so instead of a small one-time payment, it now requires a monthly running subscription to use for new users. 
The new version is still cheaper than many yoga studios, but I will be working on a list of alternatives (apps + youtube channels and such).

First impression


Get the app for iPhone or Android

It’s super easy to get started, you just need to decide what type of class you want to take, then download that while you get your mat ready and sit down.

The user interface is simple, stunning and intuitive to use. The instructor has a nice, gentle voice that guides you through the class, and there’s a bit of nice background music that makes it easy to get in the zone.

As you can see from the screenshots above, there’s beginner intermediate and advanced classes to choose from. Each of these contains different types of classes like

  • Balance
  • Flexibility
  • Relaxation
  • Strength
  • Combination

The duration is 15-30 minutes for beginner and up to 60 minutes for the intermediate and advanced classes.

Besides classes based on difficulty, there’s also collections of

  • Sun salutations
  • Deep relaxations mediation
  • Quick yoga fixes (10 minutes)
  • Yoga for back pain
  • Yoga for runners
  • Earth salutations

With 3-10 classes of varying length in each collection – so there’s probably something for you!

Create your own classes

If you don’t find something that’s just right (or just want to spice things up), you can create your own class, combining poses and flows exactly how you want.

An easy way to get started with this is to make a copy one of the pre-made classes, substituting whichever poses you want to change.

For me this is a helpful feature;I have a knee injury and thus some poses are a no-go for me.

To make the process of creating your own class easier, there’s small pose blocks, like a cat/cow block, a beginner balancing block and an end of practice block.

There’s also a smart linking feature for when you have 2 poses that don’t easily connect. The app will then find a way to make the transition between the two poses more fluent.


The app has a built-in calendar that helps you keep track of the classes you’ve done.

You can also schedule repeating classes to help you stay on track in the future. The app can sync with your real calendar and send you a notification.

Learn about the poses

Now, if yoga is completely new to you, you’ll want to head over to the poses section and have a browse.

Sometimes the poses move fast, and you might miss exactly how to do the pose right.

It’s not made easier by the fact that you have to twist to look at a small phone screen, rather than be surrounded by other people trying to do the same pose. I find that I barely look at the screen anymore as I’ve learned the poses’ names and only need the verbal cues – as far as the beginner videos go. But this gets easier as soon as you’ve tried it a couple of times, and if you check out the description of the poses between practising, it’s going to get a lot easier.

The teacher sometimes mentions what you need to pay extra attention to, but you might want to read up on them afterwards to make sure you’re doing it right, as there’s no teacher to point it out for you. Or maybe you’re just curious!

You can learn:

  • Exactly how to do the pose with a detailed description
  • The benefits of the pose
  • How to modify it for beginners and/or advanced yogis
  • When you need to be extra careful

Now I’ve been sitting still for so long typing up this post, I think it’s time to practice some more yoga! I love that I also have the classes ready whenever I want to practice, rather than having to wait until there’s a class at my gym – plus there’s no transportation time wasted here (and nobody cares what you’re wearing).

The app has made me practice more consistently, and although there are some downsides to learning yoga without a real-life teacher for direct feedback, I do think this app does a great job!

Do you practice yoga? Where? Let me know in the comments!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

{This post is not made any collaboration with Yoga Studio}

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Bring the Yoga Studio into Your Living Room - App ReviewBring the Yoga Studio into Your Living Room - App ReviewBring the Yoga Studio into Your Living Room - App Review
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  1. You should revise your review in light of the recent debacle involving Gaiam’s Yoga Studio App. They have forced an update from a one time purchase to a monthly subscription, and locked out (aka stolen from) original purchasers from their content unless they sign up for a subscription and pay them more money. They are a scam who are failing to respond to the outpouring of frustration and comments from loyal customers and who have yet to offer any kind of compromise or fix. Deplorable.

    1. says: Anne

      Thank you for reaching out, I’ll update the post to reflect the pricing changes (I was quite disappointed to see the change they’ve made as well, they certainly could have done a better job at communicating with and appreciating loyal customers).

  2. I’m so excited to try this! I love yoga, but there are only a couple of studios where I live and they are so expensive! I love the flexibility of being able to practice at home on your own schedule.