What’s Wrong With My Body?

*Insert everything hurts and I’m dying GIF*

Okay, that is definitely an exaggeration*

This is the first time I’ve logged on to the blog in weeks. 3 weeks I think.

This never happens.

Even when I don’t have the time and/or energy to write and publish blog posts, I still log in, check the blog is running smoothly and do some admin. Not lately.

All I do is sleep study eat repeat.

I wanted to take a moment to talk about what’s wrong with me at the moment. About my body and pain.

I can’t always figure out how much I want to talk about this because it’s hard to do without being negative, and that’s not the kind of vibe anybody wants (including me).

On the other hand, it’s something that affects me massively (like today, I’m in a lot of pain and I’ve barely moved from my bed all day – it’s 6pm).

There’s nothing inspirational about it, which usually is what people want from Instagram and bloggers. I bet you have plenty sucky things in your life and prefer for your online space to be one that makes you feel better. I get it.

But this has the terrible side effect for some people, by making them feel terrible in comparison to the glossy online version of people.

I doubt there’s a way to make chronic pain seem glossy, so I’ll just be honest.

There’s two issues causing me pain:

1. The knee injury

The pain management course + rehab class at uni means I have the tools to deal with that, and I feel positive in this area.

2. My neck

I don’t really remember when this started, but it’s been getting worse slowly over the past year. At first, it just meant I’d be in pain if I did overhead presses at the gym and my neck was a bit stiff in the morning.

Now it’s so bad I can’t get out of bed on a day like today – just because I did some extremely light shoulder rehab exercises at class yesterday.

This is why my doctor referred me to an MRI scan in September (after a bunch of things didn’t help).

Recently, I got the results, and they were inconclusive.

So I’m getting yet another referral.

This one to a centre that specialises in spine health or something like that. I don’t really know what they do yet, I just know that it’s bad if they can’t figure out what’s going and that the waiting list is LONG.

Oh and the time I received for the hospital is in the middle of one of my exams…

I’m not sharing this because I want pity (and I want to clarify this, because there’s always someone who thinks that).

It’s because I use my platforms to share thoughts, knowledge and my personal experience. Honestly, not only the glamorous parts. And currently, my experience is pain.

To end on a more positive note, here’s a recommendation of something I’ve been enjoying lately: the podcast Serial.

It’s so fascinating, and it’s hard not to get hooked on that story!

So please, no matter how your body feels, have a lovely day!

* I hope.

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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  1. says: Kellan

    Thank you for posting about your pain. I’m sorry you’re feeling it at all. What you say about not always knowing how much you want to talk about it cause you don’t want to seem too negative (and yea, none of us want that in anything in general). But like you mention, there’s the other side of it in appearing inauthentic because of not including the “not so happy” parts. I’m glad you chose to speak on it. It’s given me the courage to not be so insecure about when I blog not so happy things in my blogsphere. It’s the honesty and acknowledgement of those less happy times that keep us human in this weird digital super edited time we live in now. Thank you. I love your blog.