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Looking for a new workout? Look no further!

This page contains an overview of the different types of workouts from AS sorted into different categories and links subpages for you to browse further.

On this page you’ll find

Workouts sorted by type


See all cardio workouts →


See all strength workouts →

Combo: Cardio + strength workouts

See all combo workouts →


See all HIIT workouts →

Recovery/rehab workous

See all recovery/rehab workouts →

Workouts sorted by body part

Full body

See all full body workouts →

Upper body

See all upper body workouts →

Lower body

See all lower body workouts →

Ab workouts

See all ab workouts →

Workouts sorted by equipment


See all workouts with dumbbells →

Bodyweight workouts (no equipment)

See all bodyweight workouts →


See all workouts with kettlebells →


See all gym workouts →

Medicine ball

See all workouts with medicine balls →

Rubber Band

See all workouts using rubber bands →

Chair workouts

See all workouts using a chair →

Workouts sorted by structure


See all tabata workouts →

AMRAP workouts

See all AMRAP workouts →


See all EMOM workouts →

I hope you found what you were looking for!

You’re welcome to shoot me a message if there’s a kind of workout you’d like to see on here.

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