Upper-body Weight Workout for Women

A strength workout for the chest, back and arms that women can do too!

I specify in the title that this weights workout is (also) for women, because
people write to me asking for strength workouts women can do.

A lot of people assume strength training and lifting heavy is exclusively for men.

Women should stick to the tiny pink weights.

Or if they lift, they should never train upper body, especially the chest. But that’s not true!

Some worries that it they will “lose their boobs”. The chest muscles (mainly m. pectoralis major are underneath the boobs, not part of them, and as spot reduction (meaning fat loss from a targeted area of the body) is impossible,  you’re not gonna lose your boobs by bench pressing.

It’s not dangerous, it’s just another awesome exercise, like deadlifts and squats. Men and women can generally do the same workouts. Training plans should be adapted based on individual needs and abilities.

So I hope you wanna give this workout a try, no matter what your gender is 🙂

This is a strength workout, so remember to use a weight you find challenging; you shouldn’t be able to keep going for multiple reps with good technique at the end of the set.

Workout breakdown

Warm up

  • 5-10 minutes of cardio
  • Spend a little time warming up and doing some dynamic stretching, foam rolling or other mobility work

Main workout

  • A. Deadlift 4 x 8
  • B. DB bench press 4 x 8
  • C. Band chin ups 5 x 6
  • D1. DB Shoulder press 3 x 12
  • D2. DB Upright row 3 x 12
  • E1. One arm row 3 x 12
  • E2. DB flys 3×12
  • F1. Bicep curls 3 x 12
  • F2. Lateral raises 3 x 12
  • G1. Triceps extension 3 x 12
  • G2. Face pulls 3 x 15

Exercises marked with numbers are part of a superset.


  • If you feel like it cool down with a few stretches

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What kind of workout would you like me to post next? Let me know in the comments!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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Upper-body Weight Workout for WomenUpper-body Weight Workout for Women
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