Workout Inspiration: Leg Workout

Who’s working out today?

I have a gym class booked for this evening, after a long day at uni – trying out flow yoga for the first time. A good stretch is just what I need right now! 🙂

As I’m slowly getting back into the gym grind after my injury, workouts are taking up more and more of my time – and hence more space on the blog! And as a bonus I no longer need to feel like a fraud when I call myself a fitness blogger, so it’s all good!

I wanted to give you a peak into how I workout, and hope it can give you some ideas for your next workout.

My workout:

  • Warm up: Assault bike
  • Leg extensions with one leg and an elastic band, 3 x 10
    • This is the kind of fun exercises I need to do because of my knee injury.
  • Leg curls with one leg and an elastic band, 3 x 10
    • Wearing socks/with a rag underneath the foot so it can slide along the floor
  • One leg squats, 3 x 10
    • With heels on a weight plate to challenge the quads more. The excentric (lowering) part of the exercise on one leg, then both legs when standing up.
  • Lunges on bosu ball, 3 x 10
    • With the front foot landing on the bosu ball, so there’s a lot of focus on controlling the knee, keeping it aligned with the toes.
  • Side lunges, 3 x 10
    • Focusing on proper knee aligment, sliding the other foot away, then using the inner thigh muscles to slide it back.
  • Body flow class, 1 hour
    • A yoga, tai chi and pilates inspired Les Mills class, and a new favorite of mine. It challenges my flexibility, balance and strength and the teacher is so good.

If you don’t know an exercise, try searching for it on,, YouTube – or you know, Google is usually pretty good at finding stuff on the internet 😉

If you have any questions, feel free to leave them in the comments, and I’ll get back to you!

What’s a workout you did recently? Let me know in the comments!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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Workout Inspiration: Leg Workout
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  1. I will have to try this assault bike, it sounds fun. My workout is a lot more boring than yours – 30ish minutes on the treadmill, then 250 abs exercises, then some weights for arms & shoulders, then collapse in a heap. Repeat for ever and ever, amen.

  2. says: Steff

    I did not realize Body Pump incorporated yoga and Tai Chi, I think I thought it was just weights and stuff! It sounds fun! I am on the third week of a month long challenge to get myself exercising again, it has been gruelling starting from zero again! I also have knee problems so am being extra careful with that. 🙂

    1. says: Anne

      Well, that’s because I was wrong! I meant to write Bodyflow (but I do bodypump class with the weights and stuff too). Seems like we’re on the same journey then – good luck with yours! 🙂

  3. says: Mira

    I actually did a workout this morning and I felt really good afterwards, I think it’s a great way to start the day. I will try the exercises you mentioned, I really need to change my routine to make it more interesting and to keep myself motivated. xx

    1. says: Anne

      Thanks! I’m trying out all kinds of classes at my gym lately, because I find it more motivating – including flow yoga 😀

  4. says: jennifer

    Great workout! I ran 4 miles in the morning and then did my core stuff -floor sweepers, planks, etc . . a bunch of arm stuff . . . and then some training for upcoming Spartan . . . monkey bars, running with sandbag, bear crawl, etc

    1. says: Anne

      That’s just around the corner, isn’t it? That must be so exciting! An assault bike is basically a bike, but with ‘handles’ like a crosstrainer so you can get a fullbody workout.

    1. says: Anne

      Thanks Wendy! It’s basically a bike with crosstrainer ‘handles’ so you can work your entire body – it’s often used by crossfitters 🙂

  5. says: Ilka

    You had a great workout Anne – I miss taking great classes – that body pump class sounds great! Love that it incorporates Yoga, Tai Chi and Pilates!