19 Things You’ll Never Hear a Fit girl say

As you start getting into fitness, you’ll slowly notice it comes with a weird set of habits and expressions.

… Or maybe it’s just me that’s weird?

I don’t have to pee

Why would I eat CARBS?

I stay away from the weights room, I don’t want to get bulky

I’ll just skip dessert

I hate walking around in activewear all day, so embarrassing

Thank you for spotting me without asking for permission creepy dude

I should just stick to one serving of peanut butter

Yes good sir, now that you’ve pointed out how my muscles make me look like a man I’ll totally stop working out because the purpose of my existence is to be attractive to you.

I hate all-you-can-eat restaurants, there’s just too much food

I hate sore muscles

No thank you, I’m not hungry

I love wearing jeans, it’s easy to find a pair that fits both my butt, thighs and calves at the same time

I’ll just go easy on the protein

I hate sweating

Why on earth would I buy another pair of leggings?

Cookies for eyes

It may be Christmas, but I don’t need to eat that much

Nah, I’ll just have a simple bowl of oats without a gazillion different fruits and berries

Everyone on the internet doesn’t need to know I worked out today

I love burpees

Now if reading this has made you angry, you’re thinking this is stupid and hyberbolic, I have some news for you:

You’re probably right. I obviously meant for this to be hyperbolic. It’s called exaggeration for comedic purposes. Because I don’t want to take myself so serious that I can’t make fun of me.

Which of these, if any, apply to you? What’s something you’d never say?

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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19 Things You\'ll Never Hear a Fit girl say19 Things You\'ll Never Hear a Fit girl say
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  1. says: Kate

    Thanks for the great post, Anne. It genuinely made me laugh. 😀 To point out, “I hate sore muscles”- is such a challenge to get up and move around when you’re so sore you just want to do nothing. It’s so important to schedule easy days into your workouts. But not many of us do that, do we?

  2. Bahahaha. The best thing about this is that most of them fit a post that would be called “things food addicts never say” too 😝 the “I don’t have to per” one is the best, though 😂
    love it xx ❤