10 Quick Tips to Help You Take Charge of Twitter (+ Free Checklist)

Twitter is awesome.

You could say I’m still a bit of a newbie when it comes to the platform, as I haven’t been there that long – but I have experienced a significant traffic boost from there, and more importantly, I’ve become part of an amazing community!

For this post, I’ve made a checklist with 10 things you need to do set up your twitter for success – maybe later I’ll go into depth with how I got my first thousand followers there in just over a month.

I’ve made a sweet worksheet you can use to make sure you’re getting the most out of Twitter, along with this post. Head over
here to download it (you’ll also get access to the rest of my free resource library!)

↠ Write an interesting bio

Writing a great bio is always tough, and there’s no magic formula. Things you can include is keywords, like blogger, lifestyle, fitness, health or something else that gives people an idea of what you tweet about. You can also include your hobbies, a fun fact, achievement, or something that shows your personality. You can also include a hashtag to show a community you’re part of – Like I use #TheGirlGang.

It’s also a good idea to include your email so people know where they can get in touch with you.

↠ Add your URL to your profile

If you’re a blogger, there’s no reason not to add your twitter link. Make it easy for people to find out more about you and connect outside twitter.

↠ Add your location to your profile

Now, you don’t need to share your location if you’re not comfortable with it. I’ve set my location to just my country, not city. But adding your location can help you connect to people close to you and show up in searches.

↠ Upload a profile picture

Of course, you need a profile picture – it shows up all over the site, along with every tweet you post, every notification you send: it’s how people recognize you. A close picture of your face is preferable, because it can be hard to see you properly otherwise – and it’s just easier to connect with a friendly face than a logo. The minimum size for a profile picture is 400 px x 400 px.

↠ Upload a cover photo

The main reason you need to upload a cover photo, is that it’s a way you can add more personality to your profile. Another reason is, I’ve noticed a lot of the spam accounts that follow me (and unfollow a couple of days later) don’t have a cover photo, just the one-colored background – so it’s a way you can signal you’re a real person (if you’re a robot reading this, please disregard the last sentence).

A good size for the cover photo is 1500 px x 500 px.


↠ Link to your twitter from other networks

There’s a ton of different social media sites, and it’s hard to do well on all of them – but people who enjoy your content on one site, might love it on Twitter as well, so let your facebook/Pinterest/Tumblr/Instagram followers now you’re on Twitter! And of course, add a link from your blog.

↠ Connect to share button

Setup the twitter share button on your blog to mention you in tweets shared from your blog. You can turn this on in Sharing/Discussion settings, or maybe you need a plugin, depending on your platform.

Here’s how it will look when people share your posts:

↠ Use Twitter analytics

Did you know Twitter offers in-depth analytics of your tweets? It would take a long post to describe all the different reports they offer, but a few of them is: New followers, profile impressions, tweets impressions, top tweets, tweets engagement, average clicks, retweets, replies, likes, mentions etc, as well as a breakdown of your audience and their interests.

You can get started with Twitter Analytics here.

↠ Setup Tweetdeck

Tweetdeck is amazing in so many ways, and I’ll encourage you to get over there and explore all the options! The way I use Tweetdeck is to keep up with lists (I have a list with people I consider friends, so I have that to make sure I don’t miss their tweets). The moment Tweetdeck really shows its worth though, is during Twitter chats.

Chats can be really hard to keep up with, you end up with 50 open tabs and never find your way back to chat before it’s over. With Tweetdeck, you can keep up with replies (the mentions tab), the chat host (the last chat I took part in from Tweetdeck was the Fitfluential chat), and then a tab with all the tweets in the chat #hashtag,

↠ Find your best time to tweet

Twitter is very fast moving, and your new tweet is quickly drowned by a stream of new ones. That’s why it’s a good idea to post when most of your followers are looking. One way to find out your best time to tweet is Socialbro (who changed name to Audiense just a couple of days ago). You can find the report under Analytics >> Best Time to Tweet

Here’s a sneak peek from part of my report:

Here’s when most of my community are online

Now you’re ready to rock Twitter!


What’s your best tips for taking charge of Twitter? Let me know in the comments!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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10 Quick Tips to Help You Take Charge of Twitter (+ Free Checklist)10 Quick Tips to Help You Take Charge of Twitter (+ Free Checklist)
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  1. says: Madara

    Great tips! I will have to explore more that twitter tweet analyzing feature. Also, I’ve been on tweetdeck, but couldn’t figure out how to properly use it. 😀
    And I’ve been dying to share my twitter chat strategy which I now realize is similar to tweet deck. 😀 So, mostly I have 6 tabs open :D.
    1. My twitter “homepage” where I write the tweets I’m sending (answers to chat questions)
    2. Twitter notifications page – to follow with the notifications from other chatter etc 🙂
    3. Page with chat hashtag, so I see all the tweets with that #.
    4. the Host’s profile so I can see the questions
    5. Twitter emojis page 😀
    6. google translate because I sometimes need to check grammar or find a word in English 😀

    I migh make this list in twitter sharable format. 😀 ha haa.

    Ok, but thanks for the tips. 🙂

    1. says: Anne

      Thanks! I’ve tried the multiple tabs strategy, but I always end up with 30 pen tabs and can’t find my way back to the chat! It’s so easy with tweetdeck where you can see the chat and your mentions add the same time! But it seems like you got your system under control 😀

  2. says: Jamie

    I’ve never used Twitter analytics before but I am definitely going to start now, that can be helpful. Audiense looks interesting but I’m not sure I am at the stage I want to pay for that. Good post, I’m going to spend the rest of the day lost in stats now.

    1. says: Anne

      I’m glad you found it helpful! You should be able to sign up for Audiense for free to get access to some of the reports, like best time to tweet – That’s what I’ve don,e I’ve never paid for it! 🙂