Strong Legs: Beginner Friendly Gym Workout

Here’s a beginner friendly workout you can try the next time you’re at the time if you want to make your legs stronger!

I just joined a new gym – they just opened in my city and are so much cheaper than my old gym, so I knew I had to make the switch. Even if it’s simply for that reason.

So it was exciting to see what this new gym is actually like! As I already know I’m going to spend a fair amount of time there, I was really hoping it would be a good playground!

Gym with weightlifting racks
Gym with ropes for climping, crates for jumping and colorful kettlebells

Overall it’s not that different from my previous gym, but it did have this cool area. It has that street-basket vibe, and is perfect for crossfit and that kind of workouts.

Somebody give me all the pretty, colourful kettlebells!

I can’t wait to try out all the options this offers – but for now, I’ll share my leg workout from the day.

I ended up quite sore the day, but that’s mainly because I hadn’t been to the gym for a little, thanks to getting ill and just life. If these moves are new to you, you’re bound to end up sore too.

This workout has a lot of bodyweight exercises that are good for beginners who want to get into strength training – or like me, are trying to (re)build stability after an injury.

Workout breakdown

Warm up

  • Warm up on stationary bike
  • Dynamic stretching

Main workout

  • Forward lunge on bosu ball: 3×12
  • Side lunges: 3×12
  • Eccentric one leg squat: 3×10
    • The eccentric phase of a squat is the lowering down part. This means you’ll do a one leg squat for the first part of the exercise, then use your arm or other leg for support on the way up. It’s important to keep your core engaged, not fall forward with your upper body and make sure your stays in line with your toes, not falling inwards.
  • Leg press: 3×12
  • Weighted hip thrust: 3×12
    • With 3 second hold at the top of the movement for the last 2 reps in each set
  • Seated leg curls: 3×12
  • Leg extensions: 3×12

Cool down

Other workouts you can try as well:

If you have any questions about the exercise, leave them in the comments and I’ll get back to you!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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Strong Legs: Beginner Friendly Gym WorkoutStrong Legs: Beginner Friendly Gym Workout
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