Ultimate Social Media Calendar: Holidays, Food Days & Other International Days to Blog About!


Keep Your content Relevant and trendy by filling up your social media calendar with these special days throughout the year

If you keep getting surprised when your Instagram is suddenly flooded with pancakes because #pancakeday, or only know what conversations are happening online thanks to Twitter’s trending section, this post will help you get ahead of the curve.

Aside from holidays and changes in season, there’s lots of other special days happening all throughout the year. Some are of a sociopolitical nature, like International Women’s Day and Black History Month, some strive to raise awareness of illnesses and environmental issues, others are all about food, and some are downright silly and weird (like Talk Like A Pirate Day).

Some of these days have long standing traditions, are socially, politically and/or religiously significant, and are internationally acknowledged by big organization like the UN.

Plead from me: Please be respectful and don’t treat them just as commercial holidays. International Women’s Day is not the holiday of selling pink stuff.

Other days are more obscure, completely unofficial and barely acknowledged by anyone but the small group of people who started it. Some strive to raise awareness of important issues, while others are created by lobbyist and/or PR-firms to – basically – increase profit (and you don’t need to give any press coverage to them unless you consider them worthy, though I have tried to exclude them from this list).

How to use this list

Choose events that centers around something you care about, something that’s relevant to you and your platform – and just skip the rest!

Aside from creating new content on the special day, it can also provide a great opportunity to revive older content, as there’s renewed interest in, e.g. first date ideas around Valentine’s day. So share it again on Twitter and Facebook. On Pinterest people will often be searching for inspiration, so make it easy for people to find by repinning it.

If you’re a blogger, this list can help you plan relevant content ahead of time. And food bloggers will want to have recipes ready in time for Cheese Lovers Days, Oatmeal Day or Pizza Day.

My suggestion is not that you go through every single item on this list and produce content related to it. This list contains a mix of silly things international day of the carrot to holidays of great cultural and/or historical importance to various groups around the world. Choose events that centers around something you care about, something that’s relevant to you and your platform – and just skip the rest!

Put your own spin on it, brainstorm ideas – what happens at the intersection of your blog’s niche and the topic of the day?

This calendar can give you the opportunity to write that post that’s been in the back of your mind or in your drafts folder forever, but just haven’t found the right occasion.

However, it can, potentially, get repetitive if you starting writing a lot of “Today is bla-bla-bla-day, so I’m sharing my story of bla-bla-bla” posts. You don’t need to mention that it’s a specific day to write about the subject. In essence, stay authentic – otherwise it will feel hollow.

I recommend you either publish your posts on the specific subject on the day or earlier. For days like Pancake day, Halloween, Christmas and so on, people start planning and searching for inspiration ahead of time. Pinterest has made this really interesting analysis of when pinners start saving pins for various occasions – and they often start far ahead of time! On more “instant” platforms like Twitter and Instagram, you can always (re)-promote the post when the day comes around.

As I’m a Dane living in Denmark, this list will be skewed towards days celebrated in Europe. There’s also some events exclusive to USA listed, and that’s because they’re loud everyone knows when something’s happening across the atlantic.

Special days of the year


Click to jump to the specific month.


January brings…

Popcorn Day, Croissant Day, Blue Monday, and more!

Special days

  • 2nd: World Introvert Day (website)
  • 2nd: Buffet Day
  • 4th: World Braille Day. Celebrating the invention of braille on the inventor, Louis Braille’s birthday (website).
  • 4th: Spaghetti Day
  • 6th: Shortbread Day
  • 6th: Bean Day
  • 7th: Tempura Day
  • 9th: Apricot Day
  • 10th: Houseplant Appreciation Day
  • 14th: Organize Your Home Day
  • 15th: Strawberry Ice Cream Day
  • 16th: International Hot and Spicy Food Day
  • 16th: Nothing Day (wikipedia)
  • 19th: Popcorn Day
  • 20th: World Religion Day (wikipedia)
  • 20th: Cheese Lovers Day
  • 20th: International Day of Acceptance (website)
  • 20st: Blue Monday, the most depressing day of the year*
  • 21st: Martin Luther King Jr. Day, MLK day for start. A US federal holiday marking the birthday of Martin Luther King Jr.
  • 21st: National Hugging Day (wikipedia)
  • 21st: Granola Bar Day
  • 21st-27th: Cervical Cancer Prevention Week (website)
  • 23rd: National Pie Day (wikipedia)
  • 24th: National Peanut Butter Day
  • 26th: Australia day (website)
  • 27th: Chocolate Cake Day
  • 27th: Holocaust Memorial Day (website)
  • 30th: Croissant Day

* This “fact” is a nonsensical gimmick invented by a holiday company as part of a marketing stunt not based on scientifically meaningful evidence [source].

all Month

  • Veganuary: Going vegan for the month (website)
  • Love Your Liver: a British Liver Trust awareness campaign (website)
  • Dry January: Abstaining from drinking alcohol for the month (website)
  • Walk Your Dog Month
  • National Mentoring Month: Campaign for celebrating mentoring and the positive effect it can have on young lives (US – website)
  • Oatmeal Month (website)

Other trends

  • New Year
  • Resolutions


February brings…

Homemade Soup Day, Pizza Day, Eating Disorder Awareness Week, and more!

Special days

  • 1st: National Freedom Day (USA)
  • 2nd: Groundhog day
  • 2nd: Crepe Day
  • 2nd: Hedgehog Day
  • 3rd: Carrot Cake Day
  • 4th: Homemade Soup Day
  • 4th: World Cancer Day (website)
  • 4th: National Sickie Day
  • 4th-10th: Sexual Abuse& Sexual Violence Awareness Week (website)
  • 4th-10th: Children’s Mental Health Week (website)
  • 5th: Chinese New Year (wikipedia)
  • 5th: Safer Internet Day (website)
  • 5th: World Nutella Day (website)
  • 7th: Time to Talk Day. For having conversations about mental health and challenging the stigma (website)
  • 7th: Send a Card to a Friend Day
  • 9th: Pizza Day
  • 11th: World Day of the Sick. Observed by the Roman Catholic Church as a day for believers to pray for those suffering from illnesses (wikipedia)
  • 11th: International Epilepsy Day (website)
  • 11th: Make A Friend Day
  • 13th: Tortellini Day
  • 14th: Valentines day
  • 16th: Almond Day
  • 16th: World Whale Day
  • 17th: Random Acts of Kindness Day (website)
  • 18th: Pluto Day
  • 19th: Chocolate Mint Day
  • 20th: Love Your Pet Day
  • 22nd: World Encephalitis Day (website)
  • 22nd: Single Tasking Day
  • 22nd: Margarita Day
  • 22nd: World Yoga Day (website)
  • 22nd: Cook A Sweet Potato Day
  • 23rd-3rd: Real Bread Week (website)
  • 23rd: Banana Bread Day
  • 24th: Tortilla Chip Day
  • 25th-3rd: Eating Disorders Awareness Week (website)
  • 26th: Pistachio Day
  • 27th: Pokémon Day
  • 28th: Rare Disease Day (website)
  • 28th: Chocolate Soufflé Day
  • 28th: Chili Day

All month

  • LGBT History Month (website)
  • National Children’s Dental Health Month (website)
  • Library Lovers’ Month

Other trends

  • Spring break (sometime between mid-February and mid-April)
  • Fashion week


March brings…

Pancake Day, Earth Hour, World Book Day, and more!

Special days

  • 1st: Self Injury/Harm Awareness Day (website)
  • 1st: Peanut Butter Lover’s Day
  • 1st: Employee Appreciation Day
  • 3rd: World Hearing Day (website)
  • 3rd-9th: Procrastination Week
  • 4th: Pound Cake Day
  • 4th-10th: Endometriosis Awareness Week
  • 5th:Pancake Day/Shrove Tuesday (wikipedia)
  • 7th: University Mental Health Day (website)
  • 7th: National Cereal Day
  • 7th: World Book Day
  • 7th: Cereal Day
  • 8th: International Women’s Day. More than a day to celebrate the women in your life, it’s a political day to focus on women’s rights (or lack thereof) around the world (wikipedia)
  • 9th: Meatball Day
  • 10th: Pack Your Lunch Day
  • 14th: Pi Day (website/wikipedia)
  • 15th: Red Nose Day/Comic Relief (website)
  • 15th: World Sleep Day (website)
  • 16th: Disabled Access Day (website)
  • 17th: St. Patrick’s Day
  • 18th: Global Recycling Day (website)
  • 18th-24th: Introverts Week
  • 19th-25th: National Conversation Week (website)
  • 20th: International Day of Happiness (website)
  • 20th: Spring Equinox. First day of spring (wikipedia)
  • 20th: Ravioli Day
  • 21st: International Day of Forest (website)
  • 21st: World Poetry Day (website)
  • 21st: National French Bread Day
  • 22nd: World Water Day (website)
  • 22nd: National Jelly Bean Day
  • 23rd: Chip and Dip Day
  • 25th: Waffle Day
  • 25th: Pecan Day
  • 26th: Spinach Day
  • 26th: Nougat Day
  • 27th: Spanish Paella Day
  • 30th: Earth Hour
  • 30th: World Bipolar Day (website)
  • 31st: International Transgender Day of Visibility

All month

  • Veggie month
  • Women’s History Month
  • Ovarian Cancer Awareness Month (website)
  • Endometriosis Awareness Month (website)
  • Walk All Over Cancer. A fundraising and activity challenge to aid cancer research (website)
  • National Nutrition Month by the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (website)
  • Small Press Month

Other trends

  • Spring break (sometime between mid-February and mid-April)


April brings…

Banana Day, Easter, Pretzel Day, and more!

Special days

  • 1st: April Fool’s Day
  • 1st: Sourdough Bread Day
  • 2nd: International Children’s Book Day (wikipedia)
  • 2nd: Peanut Butter and Jelly Day
  • 3rd: Chocolate Mousse Day
  • 4th: Vitamin C Day
  • 4th: Carrot Day
  • 5th: Walk to Work Day
  • 5th: Caramel Day
  • 7th: World Health Day by the World Health Organization (website)
  • 9th: Equal Pay Day
  • 10th: Siblings Day (wikipedia)
  • 12th: Grilled Cheese Sandwich Day
  • 16th: Eggs Benedict Day
  • 17th: Banana Day
  • 19th: Garlic Day
  • 19th: Good Friday (wikipedia)
  • 19th-27th: Passover (wikipedia)
  • 21st: Easter Sunday (wikipedia)
  • 21st: World Creativity and Innovation Day (website)
  • 22nd: International Mother Earth Day (wikipedia)
  • 22nd: Jelly Bean Day
  • 23rd: Saint George’s Day (wikipedia)
  • 23rd: World Book Night (website)
  • 23rd: German Beer Day
  • 24th: Stop Food Waste Day (website)
  • 24th: Pig in a Blanket Day
  • 24th: International Guide Dogs Day
  • 25th: Thank You Thursday
  • 26th: Pretzel Day*
  • 27th: Independent Bookstore Day
  • 29th: International Dance Day (website)
  • 29th: World Wish Day
  • 29th-3rd: Maternal Mental Health Awareness Week (website)
  • 30th: Oatmeal Cookie Day

* I can’t pass by the opportunity to reference The Office.

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All month


May brings…

Chocolate Chip Day, Cinco de Mayo, No Diet Day, and more!

Special days

  • 1st: International Workers’ Day (Labor Day in some countries)
  • 1st: Lei Day, Hawaii (wikipedia)
  • 2nd: National Truffle Day
  • 2nd: Password Day (website)
  • 4th: Star Wars Day (wikipedia)
  • 5th: Cinco de Mayo
  • 5th: Lemonade Day
  • 5th: Nail Day
  • 6th: No Diet Day
  • 6th-12th: M.E. (myalgic encephalopathy) Awareness Week (website)
  • 6th-12th: Red Cross Week (website)
  • 9th: Europe day, celebrates peace and unity (website)
  • 9th: Lost Sock Memorial Day
  • 11th: Eat What You Want Day
  • 12th: Mother’s day (date varies by country)
  • 12th: Fibromyalgia Awareness Day (website)
  • 13th-19th: Coeliac Disease Awareness Week
  • 13th-19th: Mental Health Awareness Week (website)
  • 13th-19th: National Vegetarian Week (website)
  • 13th-17th: Neurodiversity Celebration Week (website)
  • 15th: International Day of Families (website)
  • 15th: World Meditation Day
  • 15th: Chocolate Chip Day
  • 17th: World Baking Day
  • 20th: World Bee Day (website)
  • 23th: World Turtle Day (wikipedia)
  • 27th: Memorial Day
  • 28th: Hamburger Day
  • 29th: World Digestive Health Day (website)
  • 29th: Biscuit Day
  • 31st: Macaroon Day
  • 31st: Web Designer Day

All month

  • National Teen Self Esteem Month
  • Hamburger Month
  • Bike Month (website)

Other trends

  • Summer music festivals


June brings…

Chocolate Ice Cream Day, Men’s Health Week, Running Day, and more!

Special days

  • 1st: World Milk Day (website)
  • 2nd: Rocky Road Day
  • 4th: Cheese Day
  • 5th: World Environment Day (website)
  • 5th: Sausage Roll Day
  • 5th: Running Day
  • 7th: National Fish & Chip Day
  • 7th: Donut Day
  • 7th: Chocolate Ice Cream Day
  • 8th: Best Friends Day
  • 8th: World Oceans Day (website)
  • 10th: Cervical Screening Awareness Week (website)
  • 10th-16th: Diabetes Awareness Week (website)
  • 10th-16th: Men’s Health Week (website)
  • 11th: Corn on the Cob Day
  • 12th: Marzipan Day
  • 12th: International Falafel Day
  • 13th: Cupcake Day (website)
  • 14th-23rd: National Picnic Week (website)
  • 16th: Father’s day (date varies by country)
  • 16th: World Tapas Day
  • 16th: Fudge Day
  • 17th-21st: Loneliness Awareness Week (website)
  • 21st: Take Your Dog to Work Day
  • 21st: June Solstice
  • 23rd: Let It Go Day
  • 24th-28th: World Wellbeing Week
  • 26th: Chocolate Pudding Day
  • 27th: National PTSD Awareness Day
  • 29th: Waffle Iron Day
  • 30th: Social Media Day (website)

All month

  • LGBT Pride Month
  • Soul Food Month
  • Audiobook Month
  • Camping Month

Other trends

  • Summer music festivals
  • Graduation
  • Summer


July brings…

Chocolate Day, Cheesecake Day, the 4th of July (of course), and more!

Special days

  • 1st: Canada Day (wikipedia)
  • 1st: Creative Ice Cream Flavor Day
  • 1st: International Joke Day
  • 4th: Fourth of July
  • 5th: Bikini Day
  • 6th: Fried Chicken Day
  • 7th: World Chocolate Day
  • 13th: French Fries Day
  • 14th: Mac & Cheese Day
  • 17th: World Emoji Day (website)
  • 18th: Hot Dog Day
  • 19th: Daiquiri Day
  • 20th: Lollipop Day
  • 21st: Junk Food Day
  • 22nd: Mango Day
  • 23rd: Ice Cream Day
  • 28th: Milk Chocolate Day
  • 29th: Lasagna Day
  • 30th: International Friendship Day (wikipedia)
  • 30th: Cheesecake Day

All month

  • Ice Cream Month (wikipedia)
  • Picnic Month
  • Plastic Free July

Other trends

  • Summer
  • Summer music festivals
  • Vacation


August brings…

Watermelon Day, S’mores Day, Vlogging Day, and more!

Special days

  • 1st: World Wide Web Day
  • 1st-7th: World Breastfeeding Week (website)
  • 2nd:Ice Cream Sandwich Day
  • 3rd: Watermelon Day
  • 4th: Sisters’ Day
  • 8th: International Cat Day
  • 9th: Book Lovers’ Day
  • 9th: Melon Day
  • 10th: S’mores Day
  • 10th: International Vlogging Day (website)
  • 12th-18th: Afternoon Tea Week
  • 13th: Prosecco Day
  • 17th: Thrift Shop Day
  • 19th: World Humanitarian Day (website)
  • 19th: Potato Day
  • 19th: World Photo Day
  • 23rd: Sponge Cake Day
  • 25th: Banana Split Day
  • 31st: International Bacon Day
  • 31st: Trail Mix Day

All month

  • Immunization Awareness Month (website)

Other trends

  • Summer music festivals
  • Summer
  • Back to school
  • Back to college


September brings…

Guacamole Day, Gratitude Day, International Podcast Day, and more!

Special days

  • 1st-7th: Migraine Awareness Week (website)
  • 2nd: Labor Day (USA)
  • 4th: Macadamia Nut Day
  • 5th: World Samosa Day
  • 6th: Read A Book Day
  • 7th: Salami Day
  • 8th: World Physical Therapy Day (website)
  • 10th: World Suicide Prevention Day (website)
  • 13th: Peanut Day
  • 13th: Positive Thinking Day
  • 15th: International Day of Democracy (wikipedia)
  • 16th: Guacamole Day
  • 18th: Cheeseburger Day
  • 21st: Gratitude Day
  • 16th-22nd: National Coding Week (website)
  • 22nd: White Chocolate Day
  • 25th: Better Breakfast Day
  • 26th: National Fitness Day (website)
  • 26th: European Day of Languages (website)
  • 28th: Poke Day
  • 29th: World Heart Day (website)
  • 30th: International Podcast Day

All month

  • Sourdough September (website)
  • Read A New Book Month
  • Suicide Prevention Month

Other trends

  • Fashion Week


October brings…

World Porridge Day, Coffee Day, World Mental Health Day, and more!

Special days

  • 1st: International Coffee Day
  • 1st: World Vegetarian Day (website)
  • 4th: World Animal Day (website)
  • 4th: World Smile Day (wikipedia)
  • 4th: Taco Day
  • 6th: Noodle Day
  • 10th: World Mental Health Day (website)
  • 10th: Cake Decorating Day
  • 10th: World Porridge Day
  • 11th: World Egg Day (website)
  • 11th: National Coming Out Day (wikipedia)
  • 12th: Pulled Pork Day
  • 13th: No Bra Day
  • 14th: Dessert Day
  • 18th: Chocolate Cupcake Day
  • 14th-20th: National Baking Week (website)
  • 15th-21th: Chocolate Week (website)
  • 20th: International Sloth Day
  • 20th: International Chef Day (website)
  • 21st: Apple Day (website)
  • 21st: International Gin and Tonic Day
  • 22nd: Nut Day
  • 25th: World Pasta Day
  • 26th: Pumpkin Day
  • 27th: Diwali, the Hindu festival of lights
  • 31st: Halloween

All month

  • Breast Cancer Awareness Month
  • Pizza Month
  • Mental Health Month
  • Computer Learning Month
  • Fair Trade Month


November brings…

Cake day, Nachos Day, Black Friday, and more!

Special days

  • 1st: World Vegan Day (wikipedia)
  • 3rd: Sandwich Day
  • 4th-8th: International Stress Awareness Week
  • 5th: Guy Fawkes Night (wikipedia)
  • 6th: Nachos Day
  • 7th: Stress Awareness Day
  • 8th: Guinness World Record Day
  • 10th: Forget-me-not Day
  • 11th: Origami Day
  • 11th: Singles Day
  • 11th: Sundae Day
  • 11th-15th: Anti Bullying Week (website)
  • 13th: World Kindness Day (wikipedia)
  • 14th: World Diabetes Day (website)
  • 19th: International Men’s Day (wikipedia)
  • 20th: Transgender Day of Remembrance (wikipedia)
  • 23rd: Cashew Day
  • 24th: Tortilla Chips Day
  • 25th: White Ribbon Day – For the elimination of violence against women (wikipedia)
  • 25th: Parfait Day
  • 26th: Cake Day
  • 28th: Thanksgiving
  • 28th: National Day of Mourning & Un-Thanksgiving Day (wikipedia)
  • 28th: French Toast Day
  • 29th: Black Friday
  • 29th: Maize Day
  • 30th: Small Business Saturday (wikipedia)
  • 30th: St. Andrews Day (wikipedia)
  • 30th: Mousse Day
  • 30th: Mason Jar Day

All month

  • Movember – Men’s Health Awareness Month (website)
  • National Diabetes Month
  • World Vegan Month
  • Manatee Awareness Month
  • Pomegranate Month
  • Peanut Butter Lovers’ Month


December brings…

Christmas, Cookie Day, Human Rights Day, and more!

Special days

  • 1st: First Sunday of Advent
  • 1st: World AIDS Day (website)
  • 2nd: Cyber Monday
  • 3rd: Giving Tuesday (website)
  • 3rd: International Day of Persons with Disabilities (website)
  • 4th: Cookie Day
  • 5th: International Volunteers Day (website)
  • 6th: St. Nicholas Day
  • 8th: Brownie Day
  • 9th: Pastry Day
  • 9th: Christmas Card Day
  • 10th: Human Rights Day (website)
  • 11th: Have A Bagel Day
  • 12th: Gingerbread House Day
  • 13th: Hot Cocoa Day
  • 14th: Christmas Jumper Day (website)
  • 15th: International Tea Day
  • 15th: Lemon Cupcake Day
  • 16th: Chocolate Covered Anything Day
  • 24th: Christmas Eve
  • 25th: Christmas day
  • 25th: Pumpkin Pie Day
  • 26th: Boxing Day
  • 31th: New Years Eve

All month

  • Holiday season
  • Human Rights Month

The date of some of these days varies from year to year – and some even from country to country, which is annoying when you’re trying to make a list like this. I’m open to updating the dates here in 2020, if requested. Otherwise, Google is excellent at finding information like that.

Use this list as inspiration for your content throughout the year, picking and choosing the days relevant to your platform and audience.

If you think something is missing from this list, leave a comment and help make this even more useful!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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Ultimate Social Media Calendar: Holidays, Food Days & Other International Days to Blog About!Ultimate Social Media Calendar: Holidays, Food Days & Other International Days to Blog About!
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  1. says: Nate

    Great research! It is nice to know that every single day (almost) is a holiday! This information brings something good and warm in your daily routine! Thanks for this calendar, Ann!

  2. says: Kim

    Thanks for sharing this! It’s so vital when preparing blog posts but unfortunately I’ve missed out on baking day. 🙁 But there’s always nect year! Pinned for later.

    1. says: Anne

      Thank you Tamara! Honestly, I started working on this back in January, so it did take a while to gather all the info. But I’m happy if it can help 😊