Small Steps Towards Self-Love

Self love is not only important in recovery, it’s important for everyone. Here’s my tips for learning to love yourself || Click through to read more, or repin to save for later!

Part of my recovery from depression is learning to appreciate myself better. It’s constant learning, and I’m already feeling an improvement.

But self love is not only important in recovery, it’s important for everyone. I have previously written about the importance of loving yourself. Now it’s time to follow up with the how.

When you want to do something as abstract as loving yourself, the direction you have to take might not be clear. But I have put together a list of small things you can do, that will get you on the right path. Self-love is not easy, and you should never feel bad for not being able to love yourself completely and unconditionally – you’re trying, and that’s what matters.

Not all of these are small steps and takes time to implement into your life – but give it a try, and along the way you will find the way that works for you.

11 ways to practice self-love


Start out by writing 5 things you love about yourself. It’s okay to start out with small things, add more when you’re feeling good and read them when you feel down.


Something that makes you feel good, want to dance like nobody is watching, something that you can scream the lyrics along with. You’re allowed to think it’s completely ridiculous, as long as you’re smiling.

Your value does not decrease based on someone’s inability to see your worth


Know you are in charge of your life and yourself. You can’t control the negativity the world sends after you, but you determine how you react.


Life is full of ups and downs. Having one bad day does not mean you have lost all your progress. Hold on, fighter.


There’s good everywhere. Challenge yourself to find the good in every situation, and to not speak poorly about yourself or anybody else. Like any habit, it takes time and practice but try at least to come up with two positive things whenever you catch yourself speaking negatively.


‘No’ can be a magic word. It can be scary to say no at first, but you are not selfish for putting yourself first once in a while – if you don’t, you’ll wear out too fast.


Everybody is different – even identical twins. We all have different opportunities, talents, achievements – and some are just lucky. You shouldn’t compare your own beginning to somebody else’s middle, and know that people always try to bring light to their best sides – but everybody has problems as well.


Don’t miss out on fun events because you’re worried. Find a balance between alone time and social events that makes you feel good,


This is one of the important ones. Return appreciation and kindness, stop for a second and appreciate your surroundings – write it down and it will actually help you get healthier and happier [1].


The future is uncertain, and shit happens. Don’t let thing’s you can’t control stress you out. Appreciate what you have now, and know you are capable of handling whatever problem crosses your path. This is where I personally struggle the most, and I often have to remind myself to stop worrying so much – and it has only made my life better, though it’s a hard habit to give up.


Not when you’re 10 lbs lighter, not when you’ve gained 10 lbs of muscles. Your body is not solid, and it will change in ways you can’t control no matter what.

Some of these might sound like clichés, but have you actually tried living by them? If they really can make you a happier person, isn’t it worth a try at least?

What do you do to feel better about yourself? Share your best tips in the comments below!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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1. Greatist

Small Steps Towards Self-LoveSmall Steps Towards Self-Love
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  1. I really needed this post! I have battled and eating disorder and body dysmorphia for years and I am always looking for ways I can begin to love myself again. This post was very helpful and I will be trying these tips! Thanks!

  2. says: Amy

    This post is amazing – just bookmarked it. I’ve suffered from depression too and am still taking steps to beat it. I love the idea of a self love jar, I’m definitely going to try to make one of those! xx

  3. says: Mira

    Amazing tips, thank you for sharing! I have often tried to come up with such a list but I’ve never thought about a self love jar, that’s a brilliant idea! I’m a natural worrier and accepting that the future is uncertain is one of the things I really struggle with – the feeling of not being in control is scary. Things that really help me are listening to music, saying no (although that’s so hard), working out and expressing myself through fashion.

  4. says: Sarah

    I love this post. I agree that self love is something everyone needs to do more. I have been really focusing on giving myself more self love. Like you said, it’s a learning curve. I hope your recovery continues to go well beautiful.

    Sarah’s Abode -xx

  5. says: Tania Jayne

    A brilliant post! This is something I wish so many more people were proactive in their self care & emotional wellbeing. I see myself as a positive person, but am definitely guilty of not showing myself enough self-love at times. I’ll be putting some of these into practice. Xx

    Tania | When Tania Talks

    1. says: Anne

      Yeah, I think everyone tends to put too much pressure on themselves from time to time. It’s important to remind yourself that you’re a good person as is, and you deserve some love <3

    1. says: Anne

      That’s really great Bethan! It doesn’t always have to a grand thing, just taking a little breather through the day can do wonders for me too. Keep taking care of yourself xx

  6. says: Anon

    My own experience of depression was that it was a kind of heightened sensitivity, turned inwards. I haven’t had any problems with it in the last few years and this seems to be because that heightened sensitivity is now externally focused, allowing me to notice things about the world no-one else sees or thinks about. It’s also a really useful quality to have at work, too.

    1. says: Anne

      I think it’s amazing you’ve managed to turn a destructive habit into a useful skill. That’s something I want to learn with time too. Thank you for sharing x

  7. says: Sassy

    Great post. It’s not always easy to love yourself, especially during tough times. I guess some of these tips really could help with that. It’s nice what you can do on your own for more self love, but I’d wish more people would see how destructive they can be towards someone else’s self love. Definitely doesn’t help a weak character if he or she is called ugly and stuff. And it’s always harder to repair that damage than to create it :/

    1. says: Anne

      That’s really true, and I wish we could just wipe away all the hate in the world, but sadly it’s not just easy 🙁 But there still is a lot of love and positivity, and we’ll have to try our best to focus on that x

  8. says: Becky

    What a lovely read, so inspiring and motivational! This made me really happy and feel a lot better about myself! I agree with everything you say but most times I forget these things and dwell on the negative! I’ve started the 52 week gratitude challenge, to try make myself become more positive and happy, improving myself step by step! X
    Becky Shannon xx – Life-by-Becky

    1. says: Anne

      Thank you Becky! Yes, it’s so easy to forgot, but we have to keep practicing. That sounds like an excellent idea, I’ll have to check it out. I hope it’ll help you be even more positive xx

  9. says: Pranjal

    So true.
    I think the problem is universal and posts like these remind us of the supreme importance of loving oneself. Before anything else.
    A lovely post! 🙂

  10. What a lovely read and such an important one! Knowing your worth is such an important and stabilising thing and that we have to take the light with shade in life. It’s beautiful and so are we. Self care is the best care. Thank you SO much for sharing these tips – I will employing them from now on!

    Love Leigh at FDJ LDN x

  11. says: Andre K.

    Great post Anne (and great blog) 😉 I have been struggling with self love almost my entire youth even after reaching my dream body so that depressed me as well. Don’t even know why I was this way.^^

    My strongest tool was meditation. I would meditate for 10 minutes at first, just letting my mind flow and concentrated on my breathing. After some time it turned into 1 hour and I eventually beaten all the insecurities and negativities with it. It kinda gives you a different view on yourself and your surroundings.

    PS: That’s a really beautiful pic you chose. 🙂

    1. says: Anne

      Thank you Andre! I’ve been trying to get into the habit of meditating too lately, but it takes a while to learn. I’m really happy to hear it has helped, and that your self image is much better know 🙂