Success Doesn’t Come Quick | September Blog Report

My blog reports give you a peek into the behind the scenes of the blog, including the strategies I use to run and grow this blog!

I’ve been publishing these reports (and enjoying doing so) since March. But this month, I doubted whether I should. So far, this series has focused a lot on sharing my blog success. I’ve shared my disappointment and failures as well, but there’s always been a good reason, an explanation that was easy to accept.

This month, plain and simple, hasn’t been a good month. The numbers are nearly identical to last month’s. My health (mental + physical) hasn’t been the best this month – but not as bad as when I had mono, which left me unable to do anything.

But you know what? It’s easy to only share the good parts, when everything’s going well – lots of people do just that online. But that’s only part of the picture; I’ll share the struggles and disappointment with you as well.

And it’s always worth noting that I haven’t been blogging for that long, and just a few months back, I’d be excited to show off numbers like this.

Most read posts in August

Only one new post up there this time. But it’s really fun to see the running post suddenly take off. I’m not even sure it’s right to say that it’s taken off because on a daily basis it’s never gotten a lot of views. But somehow it just manages to get 20-30 views every single day for the past couple of months, mainly from Pinterest. Which is amazing, especially considering it only got 48 views in the month it was published – now it has thousands!

Some of the same apply to my Small steps towards self-love post. Published in January, it somehow over the summer got a boost on Pinterest, and it just continues to be popular.

I think this one of the important lessons I can bring in today’s post: If you create evergreen content, it will always be able to bring you traffic. A post doesn’t need to go viral immediately to become a popular post. In my guess, this is especially true for smaller blogs that don’t have a huge following, as a single share from someone mildly popular in their niche can give a huge boost. That’s not something that happens often for a small blog like mine, but when it does, there’s a clear spike in traffic.

Most discussed post

Most shared posts

Blog Traffic

views september.PNG

There’s nothing particularly exciting about this, some days were a little bit better than other’s but not for any interesting reasons.

Where did the traffic come from?


Nothing shocking here either; My Twitter traffic is down. I stopped sending so many promotional tweets out because I haven’t been tweeting a lot in general. I thought it was getting too much and hence toned it down a bit.

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Focusing on the process vs the outcome

Alright, let’s be real for a second. Do you determine the value of your work based on the process or the outcome?

My process, the hours I’ve put into my blog in September are very different from August’s.

The outcome is nearly identical.

In a way, that’s disappointing. But I’m bound to get disappointed if I only measure success based on results over the process – even if I’ve done everything I could to achieve the best results.

I want to get back to why I love blogging, and how it helps me.

And if I can help somebody else along the way, then that’s brilliant. Numbers are bad at measuring value, the connections between people and the impact you have on other people.

Trust the process – and even more importantly, enjoy the process!

I hope you had a great September! Thank you for reading

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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Success Doesn\'t Come Quick | September Blog ReportSuccess Doesn\'t Come Quick | September Blog Report
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  1. says: Nadia

    Thank you for sharing this, sweetie. I couldn’t relate more when you mentioned about the struggles. Unfortunately, I have faced a bit of a negative (or even straight-forward non-supportive) reaction when I shared a number of times about the struggles I’ve had. It made me close down a bit and share less personal stuff. My natural bubbly and happy self is still coming through but at the moment I have my guards up in a way. This, of course, reflects on my social media. I just feel like being a bit more protective over my personal life (including those struggles) and sharing only with the ones I know will understand. The blog is solid and 101% me, always 🙂 No matter what.
    I hope you’re doing much better now!! I always pop in here & there & will make sure to comment more frequently. Also, if you ever need a friend to chat to, DM me any time <3
    xox Nadia

  2. says: Julie Cao

    Nice perspective! I have started ft blogging since June and my blog stats is miserable, but I have learned lots and meet lots of awesome coworkers (my fellow blogs) on the way, we both support and help each other out, and that is the value of online blogging. Keep progressing and one day it will happen.