Reasons to Work Out (That Has Nothing to do With Physical Appearance)

Losing motivation because you're not seeing results? There's more to fitness than just looks. Why do you work out? Click through to read more, or repin to save for later!

Is fitness all about six-packs, big biceps and booties?

Sometimes I get really tired of how the fitness and being fit seems to be all about the looks, how the goal of your workouts has to be achieving a certain ideal (unattainable?) body.

I work out:

  • Because I love challenging myself, physically and mentally
  • To feel powerful
  • To beat my personal best
  • To see the nature in another way
  • To get stronger
  • To carry all my groceries in one trip
  • To become more confident
  • To get that rush of endorphins
  • To be able to open the difficult jar on my own
  • To take care of my health
  • To release stress
  • Because my body will thank me for it when I get older
  • Because I want to be strong enough to be able to carry heavy stuff on my own
  • Because my workouts are something I can look forward to on a grey day
  • Because it helps me clear my mind and organize my thoughts
  • Because it helps my stay pain free
  • Because I feel weird when I shower and it?s not after a workout
  • Because of that good feeling you get afterwards
  • Because it?s part of who I am
  • Because it makes my brain sharper
  • Because it makes me happy
  • Because it makes me perform better at every other aspect of my life
  • Because it makes me realize how good my body is meant to feel
  • Because I love it
  • Because I can

For some of the reasons I had running in mind, others lifting, and some yoga or fourth type of exercise. I like to do different types of workouts, because they do different things for my body, all of which combined makes me feel the best.

Some of these might not apply to you, and that’s okay – we don?t always work out for the same reasons. If you work out to look a certain way, I have absolutely nothing against that, I just hope you?re being realistic about it. And I hope you don?t forget the feeling good part – and more importantly, don’t put other people down for working out for a different reason than you!

Your turn

  • Which of these reasons apply to you?
  • What is your (unrelated-to-physical-appearance) reasons to work out?
Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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