Reasons I’m not a fashion blogger

AD | This post contains gifted items.
All opinions are, as always, my own honest ones!

This might go horribly wrong, but I will try to be a fashion blogger for a day

I’m just gonna start the count at 238, because there must be at least that many other reasons why I’ll never be a fashion blogger 😂

Reason #238: I don’t know what clothing items are called, especially not in English. Things that go on your top half are shirts, bottom half pants (except that means underpants in english??)

Reason #239: It’s a lot of effort but meant to look effortless.

Reason #240: I don’t have a photographer/Instagram boyfriend. I do have a boyfriend, and he’d help me out if I asked but…

Reason #241: I get super awkward in front of a camera held by someone else and tense up.

Reason #242: I don’t know what you’re supposed to write in an outfit post

Outfit #1: Flower jumpsuit

For this post, I’m displaying my haul from LOTD (Look of the Day), who kindly sent these items for review (honest opinion as always!). The were having an amazing sale (still are if you read this soon enough!). The prices were so low I actually started worrying about the quality, as that is difficult to asses online.

Now that the package arrived (faster than some packages shipped in Denmark do!), my worries remain unconfirmed. The clothes are excellent value for money – the only thing I’m concerned about is the durability of the buttonholes in the jumpsuit in outfit #1, but time will tell how well they last as they’re fine now.

Browsing through the Look of the Day website, at first I picked some every day items + workout wear, because that’s what I usually go for. I noticed that nearly everything was black or a shade of grey. I usually wear a lot of neutral colours, but I wanted to try something new and more interesting. So I challenged myself to not pick anything black, and instead give my wardrobe some pep.

This is probably my favourite item from this haul, and I see myself wearing it constantly by the time summer comes. It is black, but it also has flower prints on it, and I think it’s so pretty.

Reason #243: I just had to google playsuits vs jumpsuits difference to learn that they are in fact not the same, and I’m not wearing a jumpsuit as I’ve written, but a playsuit.

Reason #244: I could never stop up in public to take pictures without feeling incredibly self-conscious

Reason #245: I don’t know how to style anything. I pick my outfits based on what catches my eyes and make me go “that’ll do”

Reason #246: Most of my clothes are from H&M, and I have very few interesting items to show off

Outfit #2: GIRL POWER

I probably won’t be wearing these items together normally, and you’ll also see them show up in other outfits here seperately – but I wanted to show off my GRL PWR (that’s girl power for people who likes vowels) t-shirt.

Reason #247: You have to pose for the camera – how do people do that without looking awkward??? (you should see all the image I DIDN’T include in this post)

Reason #248: Most days I just wear adidas condivo (the uniform of sports science students) and a t-shirt

Reason #249: I took years before I realized #OOTD was short for Outfit Of The Day. I used to pronounce like those odd ones from Doctor Who.

Reason #250: I dont know how to use all the functions of my camera. I’ve tried multiple times, end up frustrated took a break, then never came back to it.

Outfit #3: Little red dress

Isn’t it cute? It looks good with and without the belt, and I’ll be wearing this with leggings until it gets warmer outside.

Reason #251: Should have worn a different bra under this dress.

Reason #252: I don’t resemble typical models, and clothes never fit me like it fits them

Reason #253: I smile too much at the camera. Appareantly fashion bloggers have to do this thing where they look they don’t now the camera is there, and they just happened to look so glamorous by accident in that moment

Reason #254: I rarely buy new clothes as I simply can’t afford it – I usually wait until something’s broken (and then some) to replace it.

Outfit #4: Cozy red sweater

This sweater is SO freaking comfy! And to make it more interesting it has cross over back detail – this is the best I can describe, should have taken a picture of it from behind! Whoops, there’s reason #255.

Reason #256: After years of studying sports science (where leggings and a workout top is the norm) I feel fancy on the few days I wear jeans.

Reason #257: I only read one fashion blog (foreveramber) and it’s not really for the outfit posts.

Reason #258: Location, location, location. Is what I’m missing. All of these images are shot in my room (had to rearrange it to stand against a white wall).

Reason #259: I never wear heels. Most days I go with my Nike sneakers, and on a fancy day, converse (I’m not even wearing anything on my feet here).

Outfit #5: Flower Power Pants

Something important I’ve learned this year is that there’s a thing between tight jeans and sweatpants that gives you the comfyness of loose fitting clothes, without making you look lazy. And I may or may not have been wearing these multiple days in a row since they arrived because I am in love.

Reason #260: I don’t have a ‘style’. At least not intentionally. And I don’t know how to describe it.

Reason #261: I only catch up with fashion trends year after they’re gone

Reason #262: I prefer function > fashion. Function is being able to move, as well as feeling comfortable – noting itchy, nothing so tight I can’t eat or breathe.

Reason #263: Outside is where the good lightning and interesting backgrounds are. And it’s where I’m not (it’s too cold to go outside now! – And I do not want to suffer for fashion).

Reason #264: Fashion bloggers are (pretend to be) these shiny, thin beautiful women that looks glamorous all the time, and I can never be that.

Outfit #6: Da Bomb

Is bomber jackets still in style? I have no idea, but I’m happy I finally have one!

Turns out my ‘nothing black’ challenge turned into lots of red and some floral prints. I kinda like. Actually I like it a lot, and in the future there’ll be more colour on my outfits! 🙂

This is not hate towards fashion bloggers. If anything, it’s a couple of tongue in cheek comments aimed at myself, all in good fun.

This list is a lot longer than I expected. Turns out there’s plenty of reasons why I’ll never be fashion blogger! But I did have fun picking out and trying out these outfits, so maybe, just maybe, I’ll dip my toes into fashion blogging again some day. What do you think?

Which outfit is your favourite?

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

Thank you to LOTD for kindly sending me these items for review. All opinions are, as always, my own honest ones. Read my full disclaimer. Thank you for reading and supporting my blog!❤️

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Reasons I\'m not a fashion bloggerReasons I\'m not a fashion blogger
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