My Body’s Problem Areas

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Leggings: 2xU // Sports bra: H&M

My body has so many problem areas….

👉🏻Winged scapulas, rounded shoulders, forward head posture, uneven hips and a completely messed up knee.

🙅🏼Not problem areas as in stretch marks, lovehandles, the wonky rib, a bit of a belly, rolls and cellulite. I have those too, they’re just not problem areas.

❌My problem areas are problematic because they make me prone to injuries and pain, both short and long term, which negatively affects my life.

🌟There’s nothing inherently unhealthy about having a bit of fat on your body (yes really, science says so). But it is unhealthy to inactive, as injuries and pain can force you to be – yet that doesn’t make me a bad person.

🚫I won’t allow anybody to call any area of my body problematic. My stretch marks are mine. They haven’t done anything wrong, and I won’t let anybody make me feel inadequate because of them. They don’t mean there’s anything wrong with me as a person.

👩🏼‍🔬I’ve never seen a women’s “health” magazine address my actual problem areas, but I guess doing that would mean they’d have to give genuine and useful advice instead of just making me feel inadequate to sell stuff and advertising spots – and that’s not going to happen anytime soon!


I originally posted this image + capion on Instagram, but felt it was worth sharing here too.

You might also want to read this post about automatic negative thoughts when looking at our own bodies and this post about small steps towards self-love.

Please remember you are amazing and worth love and respect just the way you are!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

(Looking at pictures like these make me miss my old hair! But it was impossible to manage, so not really)

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My Body\'s Problem AreasMy Body\'s Problem Areas
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  1. says: Ice_Badger

    I love this 🙂

    I have to admit the title alarmed me a little, but your point is excellent! No “problem area” that is ever adressed by a “health and fitness” magazine would actually help anything apart from magazine sales.

    You are exactly right, the only problem areas we have are the ones that could lead to injury/poor movement patterns etc…

    mine are super tight shoulders and hips form desk sitting and a slightly locked ankle from breaking it…