Working Out Under the Sun With HealthJunkie & P20

AD for P20
I was invited to this event as a blogger, but not paid to write about it

I was invited to a lovely blogger event in Odense for an outside workout and to learn about P20 sunscreen.


The event was actually a couple of weeks back, but a tiresome group project and exams (😒) have kept me from telling you all about it – until now!

The event was hosted by P20 solbeskyttelse (a Danish sunscreen brand) and Kompas Kommunikation right in my hometown, Odense.

It’s my first event in Odense, and I was excited to get to meet some lovely bloggers from Odense for the first time. It’s so weird to meet people in real life who you sorta-vaguely-kinda know online.


When I received the invitation in May, it was a beautiful sunny day, and my thoughts were: A workout outside + sunscreen, this is perfect! … But somehow the weather missed the memo, and we got a grey day where we had to move to stay warm.

Which honestly isn’t that bad, because otherwise we’d just complain it was too hot to workout! 😅


Sofie from had planned a workout for us, showing all kinds of ways to use nature and the park to exercise. The workout ended on the mat with some booty + an exercises using loop bands and stretching on the mat.


After the workout we were treated with such a good dinner from AC deli, and got the chance to hear more about P20’s products.

Do I need to tell you about the importance of wearing sunscreen? Even on cloudy days? I was surprised to learn that up to 80% of UB rays still get through the clouds on grey days. And that one of the main things that sets brands apart is how well they protect you from UVA rays (the kind that age your skin. UVB is mainly the kind that burns your skin. Both can give you cancer, so neither is fun at partys).


I’ve been using P20 every day I haven’t been stuck inside writing an exam paper, and I’m a fan! It’s easy to apply thanks to the multi angle spray – which means you can spray yourself on the back without having someone else touching you (depending on the situation, that can both be good and bad – but overall, it’s very practical). Also it’s oil based, so that’s means neither you and your clothes will be all white and sticky after applying it, and you only need to put it on once a day because it protects you for 10 hours and is very water-resistant.

The only day I did get a mild sunburn was when I was watching football outside an afternoon, where I for some reason couldn’t be bothered to put it on my legs, and my shins ended up a little red. But it’s not their fault I’m lazy 🙈 In Denmark it’s fairly easy to get ahold of these products (Matas, Føtex, Bilka, Kvickly etc). I don’t know if they’re in stores in other countries, but I discovered they are on amazon if you’re eager to try them out 🙂

My grandma doesn’t read my blog (she doesn’t even know what a blog is) but I bet she’d be proud if she knew it made me wear sunscreen like a proper adult.

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

Disclosure: I received sunscreen samples at the event, but I’m not obligated to write about it, and as always I only share my own honest opinion on this blog. Image credit for all images except the last one goes to Kompas Kommunikation

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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