10 Things I Want to Do in November

Goodbye October, hello November!

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Another month gone.Summer is finally over (for real this time).The heat has been turned on inside, and I spend as much time as I can get away with hiding under a blanket.Let’s congratulate each other on making it through October, whether it was a good, bad or somewhere in between month for you!

In October (like last year), I went to the Book Fair (Bog Forum) in Copenhagen and got slowly trampled to death frustration both by the shear amount of people, and how slowly they moved, blocking everything. It was a real challenge for our patience, but besides that, it was fairly nice.

A couple of my favourite talks featured Saudi Arabian feminist activist Manal Al-Sharif, Women’s Football & Feminism in the 70s, and Danish author Helle Helle. I also enjoyed walking around looking at all the books around closing time (where there was finally room to move).


In November I want to…

  1. …Get the keys to my new apartment!! Well, maybe. Technically, our lease starts on December 1st, but if we’re lucky we’ll get the key and can start moving a few days early. I cannot contain my excitement over this! I can’t wait to live in my new home!
  2. … Send lots of job applications. My whole situation is a bit chaotic at the moment, and I have to jump through a lot of hoops to keep the system happy. But I’ll do what it takes to get my situation settled (that’s quite vague. But if you know nothing about the Danish unemployment system, you’d have to attend a very long, very boring lecture to understand).
  3. … Watch Coco with my sister. You know, that Disney/Pixar movie. I hope it’s as beautiful and magical as it looks in the clips I’ve seen (maybe while drinking cocoa for extra hygge-points).
  4. … Read ‘Call me by your name’. I also hope this one is as beautiful as I’ve heard it is.
  5. … See a physiotherapist about my neck again. I have a history of building up expectations before appointments only to be disappointed when it comes to my chronic neck pain. This pattern will probably repeat itself this time…
  6. … Sneak my sweaters out of the moving boxes. When I started packing to move out in August, I thought I’d have a new place October 1st, maybe November 1st as the absolute latest. As it turned out, we’ve had to wait even longer… and I did not pack for that. My closet is the size of a small suitcase (it is a small suitcase) and I packed to many skirts and dresses, and not enough socks or snuggly sweaters. Quite a misjudgement from my side!
  7. … Celebrate my little brother’s birthday. If you’re thinking “doesn’t she celebrate someone’s birthday every month?” you’re probably not wrong – just with me, my siblings and my parents, there’s a birthday to celebrate every other month 🎉
  8. … Keep my cool just for this month. I mean, I’d prefer to be sane 24/7 365, but as if that’s ever going to happen. What I mean is, I’ll have to accept and make the best of this final month of living in a suitcase and crashing at my parents place.
  9. … Look forward to December. I always look  forward to December because it’s December. This year, however, it’s extra special, as I’ll finally get to move into my own apartment with my favourite human as my roommate.
  10.  Sneakily start decorating for Christmas. Not now, but it’s okay to do by the end of November, right? (My Dad and S don’t think so).

What do you look forward to in November? When do you bring out the Christmas decorations?

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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