At least it’s not brain cancer

“At least it’s not brain cancer”.

In many context this could sound like a dismissive statement, but in this specific case, it was a welcome statement.

Let me go back to a little while ago where I called my doctor. Not because I was worried about new/intensified symptoms, but because a healthcare worker from the municipality had looked through my health records and suggested I ask for a referral to a neurologist – because either they’d be able to help me (which would be amazing) or it would help my case at the municipality to know there’s nothing they can do either (which is also fine).

My GP agreed to send a referral. I don’t know exactly what I said that I hadn’t said before, but something must have been a red flag, because now she wanted an MRI of my brain while I’m on the waiting list. She called me back a short time later, and I had an appointment the next week day.

And that’s when I was certain something was definitely up, because it’s not like the hospital is just sitting around waiting for patients. I looked into it, and usually there’s a 9 week waiting period – but I had been pushed to the front of the queue to be tested for brain cancer.

But thankfully – and I can’t say this enough – the results came back clear!

Without pretending to know anything about brain cancer except for what I’ve read this past week, I did feel it was unlikely to be the case. But at the same time, I can also see why my symptoms qualified for testing – and I think the big bad c-word falls into the category of ‘lets just check to be absolutely sure, because the consequences of not catching it quickly are grave’.

I’d love to get a reason why my body is the way that it is. The scan did find a cyst in my brain, but it’s unlikely to be the cause for my symptoms and might be best left alone.

And so I continue to go without a good explanation – but I’m also without a tumor in my brain. And that’s more than fine 🧠❤️

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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