New Year’s Resolutions You Shouldn’t Make

New year’s resolutions you should NEVER make || Resolutions don’t really change much from year to year, and the majority fails. I think it’s because people set unrealistic goals, so WHEN they fail, they give up completely. That’s why I came up with some alternative, more realistic new year’s resolutions in this post. || Click through to read more, or repin to save for later!

There’s nothing like the Earth reaching an arbitrary point along its way around the sun to make you want to improve your life drastically. Kick away the bad habits, and start all the good habits you wish you had.

New year’s resolutions are, as always, a hot topic right now. But they don’t really change much from year to year, and the majority fails.

I think one of the reasons why they fail is that people underestimate the effort it takes to change a habit. They don’t have a realistic view of the effort it will take, so when they fail, they give up completely. So instead of some the classic resolutions, I’ve come up with some alternatives that can help you start a healthy lifestyle – hopefully permanently.


Why it’s a bad idea: First of all, ab exercises doesn’t make you lose belly fat. Secondly, doing a 100 reps a day is far from optimal. Instead, do a few more challenging exercises for 10-20 reps 1-3 times a week.

Here’s a better resolution:

I will incorporate ab exercises and cardio into my workouts


Why it’s a bad idea: Becoming fit is not about exercising as much as possible, it’s about finding the optimal balance between work and rest. Exercising does not make you stronger or faster – it breaks your body down, makes you weaker. And it stimulates your body to make itself stronger during rest, so it will be a bit better the next time it’s challenged. If you’re constantly breaking your body down and not giving it time to recover, you will feel tired all the time and eventually get an injury.

Try this instead:

I will move every day

I will exercise 3-5 times a week


You know the one. It has probably already popped up in your facebook news feed a few times already. You start with 30 seconds and work your way up to 5 minutes or 100+ squats. See #1 for reasons and an alternative.


Why it’s a bad idea: To start with, it’s impossible to divide food in healthy or unhealthy – what matter is your overall intake. Not to mention, completely restricting some food will make you more likely to fall in – and fall hard.

Try this instead:

I will eat a varied, balanced diet with room for treats in moderation

Notice the choice of the word treats over cheats. Cheats suggest you’re doing something wrong. You’re not!

Basically take some time to think about what you want to accomplish in the new year. Think about why. Do you want abs? Why? Do you think that will make you happy? It won’t, not inherently. Instead think about what you really want, deep down. If you do want to change your lifestyle, be realistic, and focus of finding a way to make the shift easy and your new lifestyle sustainable in the long run. And then take care of yourself.

Good luck!

What will your new year’s resolution be? Let me know in the comments!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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New Year\'s Resolutions You Shouldn\'t MakeNew Year\'s Resolutions You Shouldn\'t Make
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  1. says: Toni

    What an inspiring post! It’s definitely very unrealistic to be exercising everyday – Sometimes we find ourselves to be just too busy. I really loved the way you rephrased these goals to seem much more attainable. Good luck with your goals in 2016 and happy new year!! 🙂

    Toni x

  2. says: Sassy

    I love that post, Anne!
    I even posted it on twitter, because it’s so great. Everyone’s talking about their New Years’ Resolutions and for some, well, they’re predestined to fail. :/ I love how you give alternatives for all these goals, so that they’re more realistic and achievable. 🙂
    Sassy xx

  3. says: Fed

    Excellent points 🙂 Setting up realistic goals is definitely the way to go. It builds a sense of achievement when you hit each milestone. Great post 🙂

    1. says: Anne

      Just saw it, it’s great! I think right now is a great time to reach beginners because it’s the time of year where everyone’s into fitness – hopefully we can help just a few to a better approach this year 🙂

  4. LOVE it 🙂
    My nutrition teacher said every single diet is doomed to fail. You may get instant success, but you can almost guarantee yourself that you will gain every single pound back and then some. When you stop depriving yourself, you tend to binge… BAD idea. Your alternative is much better! My personal “resolution” (it’s just a plan that happened to be at this time of year) is to plan out my meals better so I can make more of them at home and make them more balanced.
    In Pilates (the instructors at my studio are a mix of Pilates instructors and Physical Therapists (with Pilates certs)), we only hold our planks for a few breaths (like two or three). We do multiple planks, but you can hold longer overall when you do several shorter ones. We do the same with our side planks. We’ll do maybe two per side for two or three breaths, in each class (once a week). This is, of course, at the end of every class so all our muscles are pretty worked at that point too. But I’ve found I have much more success with this method than I ever did just trying to hold planks for longer and longer. My personal exercise goal is to add one more exercise session per week to my routine (for now).

    1. says: Anne

      Thank Elizabeth!!
      That’s my experience too. That’s sounds like a great idea, it’s easier to make better decisions when you plan and shop in advance!
      And that’s a great way to do planks! It’s so much better to do multiple short ones than one long – not just because it’s the best way to train the muscles, it gets harder to maintain good form if you try to hold it as long as possible.
      It sounds like you’re on the right track, and I wish you he best of luck in the new year 🙂

  5. says: Sian

    This is so true- I’m trying to not set myself “resolutions” and just try and set achievable goals, one’s that I know I can achieve. I hate those 30 day challenges but I find I always get reeled in by them haha!