My New Home in Numbers

At the start of December, S and I finally moved into our new apartment.

And it’s amazing.

While it’s not the best money can be, it’s more than good enough for S and I right now, and that’s what matters.

And there will be an apartment tour! But not while we’re drowning in cardboard and moving boxes. Patience, little ones.

Instead, here’s a few messy in-progres pictures and a blog post summing up the first days in our new home.


The floor we live on: 1. There are more numbers in our adress, which I almost wrote. But then I remembered that you never know what kind of crazy people with axes might read this!


The number of days we’ve lived in this wonderful place: 10 days and counting.


The number of moving boxes we have yet to fully unpack: 5.


The number of times we’ve been to IKEA so far: 3.


The number of things we still need from IKEA: 2.


The number of times I’ve kissed my boyfriend since the move.


The number of Christmas stars hanging around our apartment: 14 (and it’s not enough, I have to make more!)


The number of times I’ve heard the next door baby cry: 7. 

Still, the apartment generally seems well-isolated when it comes to sound. Big plus!


The number of big cardboard boxes from furniture we don’t know how to transport to the recycling station by bike: 11.


The number of wood cutting- and serving boards we now have: 11. S might have a slight obsession


The number of tupperware containers I own: 37, probably…. I might have a slight obsession.


The number of grocery stores in walking distance from here: 2. What is this kind of luxury!


The width of our new bed in centimeter: 180. That’s quite the upgrade from the 120 cm bed we shared before.


The number of times I’ve wondered when S will be going home: 5. This is home, stupid brain!


The number of pictures taken of the apartment and furniture so far: 248.


How much I love this place on a scale of 1 to 10: 10!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

Thank you to Miriam for inspiring me to write this post!

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