Monday Motivation Week 5

It’s time for some Monday Motivation because a new week is a chance to start over if you need it, or an opportunity to keep going when you’re on track! Also, puppies.

Hi friends!

How was your week?

Here are a few snippets of mine

…. I finished reading Gut by Giulia Enders. Now I’m considering writing a review on it for the blog – if that’s something you’d like?

…. There has been a few bad days with high anxiety levels, but I’m dealing with it and getting through it.

…. I DEADLIFTED (it just feel so good to feel even slightly strong again).

….I went to a 2-day seminar (I didn’t know it was two days, I just thought I read the date wrong the first time). The seminar was about football & science; on the evidence of football’s positive health effects for all kinds of people and how to use science to enhance performance for elite players.

I went to:

  1. Show my anxiety that I won’t let it hold me back
  2. Because I love football & science

… Created an awesome workout for my wildcard workout of the week. Look forward to that one showing up on the blog!

Monday Motivation - A Weekly Goal Setting Challenge by Annesmiles

Things I’m totally gonna do this week probably

  • Survive going to classes again: After exams, I haven’t been on uni for a couple of days. Going to classes leaves me exhausted, so basically just surviving is my goal.
  • Keep my gym streak going!
  • Yoga more: Yoga is basically my meditation and I’m going to need a way to calm my mind with a stressful week ahead.

Things I posted on the blog last week that I hope you didn’t miss

Things I posted a really long time ago that we’ve all happily forgotten about

Things that are too cute for this world

Because cute animals are the key to happiness and this way I can pretend I’m being productive when I spend hours looking at puppies“It’s for the blog!!!

I mean look at…

…. this smiling duckling!!

… this weird doggy on a walk

… this tired lil pup

What do you want to achieve this week? Let me know in the comments!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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  1. says: kelzday

    I love this!! Don’t let your anxiety beat you! You’re doing great, please do a review I would love to read it 🙂