Most suffering isn’t visible

most suffering isn't visible - life with chronic pain and mental illness

MOST SUFFERING ISN’T VISIBLE… that doesn’t mean it’s not real!

🤕 I live with chronic pain (and mental illness):

💭 I’ve thought a lot about what caption to add to this photo, and I still haven’t found the perfect way to put my intentions into words.

💬 I don’t talk about my pain and other struggles to get sympathy or pity. That doesn’t help me. I share it because it’s a part of my life – and I share very little about it compared to the impact it has on my life. I bet it’s hard to relate to if you’ve never experienced something similar, and I bet that’s what’s making so many people click away.

🙅 But I have no choice in this. It’s become a fact of my life, and I share my life here. I still care about health and fitness, it’s after all what I study, and I still have a lot of knowledge on that to share. Even if I still look like a young, capable girl, I haven’t been for a while.

🙏 I’ll keep searching for a way to live a better life, whether that’s with or without pain – and I deeply appreciate the support you send while I do so. It’s just not my ‘why‘.


I originally shared this on my Instagram, and I wanted to share it here to. Although it could be worded better, but in this case I think it’s more important to say something than wait around until I find the perfect form for it.
Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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Most suffering isn\'t visible
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