On Girl Power & Potatoes with Legs – Monday Motivation Week 23

It’s time for some Monday Motivation because a new week is a chance to start over if you need it, or an opportunity to keep going when you’re on track! Also, puppies.

Hi friends!

How was your week?

I’m currently sitting in bed, having a slow morning courtesy of a massive headache. Which isn’t the ideal start of a new week, but it is how it is.

Here are a few snippets of my past week

… Taught a class for people with various lower-body disabilities. I was very nervous before, but it turned out okay.

… Had a few days with bad anxiety and a therapy session, which I’ve written about in a blog post that goes live tomorrow.

… Ended up not going running at all, because my knee hasn’t been feeling well – and listening to my body is more important than a run!

… Read the new book by Marawa, The Girl Guide. Such a good confidence boost!

… Went to the gym 4 times, as was my goal. I even managed to convince my boyfriend to join me once 😀

… I’ve planned and written so many blog posts in the past week that I can’t wait to share with you!

… Added sled pushes to my workout. All I can say about those are: 💀

Monday Motivation - A Weekly Goal Setting Challenge by Annesmiles

Things I’m totally gonna do this week probably

  • Go to the gym 4 times – as usual
  • Remember to the stretches and exercises that helps relieve neck pain and headaches
  • Make an effort with my assignments at uni (last week my efforts were sort of nonexistent)

Things I posted on the blog last week that I hope you didn’t miss

Things I posted a really long time ago that we’ve all happily forgotten about

Things that are too cute for this world

Because cute animals are the key to happiness and this way I can pretend I’m being productive when I spend hours looking at puppies“It’s for the blog!!!

I mean look at…

… these potatoes with legs


… please allow me to join your cute cuddles


… this dangerous wild animal


What do you want to achieve this week? Let me know in the comments!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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On Girl Power & Potatoes with Legs - Monday Motivation Week 23
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