FML | Monday Motivation #14

YES! It’s time for some Monday Motivation, where I talk about the challenges and goals I want to achieve this week (in preparation for world domination!). Also, puppies.

I can’t come up with a more accurate description than FML for my life right now. If you’ve somehow managed to avoid my moany updates about being sick with mono. Which, if you haven’t tried it, can be pretty darn annoying, to say the least.

That’s the reason why there have been no new posts (how do you take sick leave from a blog?), and the rest of my holiday has been cancelled.

Life’s been against me this past year, I’ve jumped from one illness to another, all while trying to recover from a serious injury, just to get a setback when I’m forced to stay in bed.

There’s not much positivity to find in that. The good news is that I have no intention to stop fighting, I’ll put my energy into the things I can control, so let’s get this Monday Motivation going!

Monday Motivation - A Weekly Goal Setting Challenge by Annesmiles

Things I totally did last week(?) or at least tried to

  • Run twice
  • Set 1 priority goal daily
  • Do more yoga

I set these goals before I got mono, and by now I can’t remember how they went – except for the running part, which I completed!

Things I’m totally gonna do this week probably

  • Go for short walks: The thing about mono, is that it can leave you exhausted for a long time afterwards. I know my mum struggled to walk up the stairs months after. It also messes with your liver and spleen, which means you have to be careful with exercises and alcohol for a little while (guess which one I hate the most).
  • Do the 2 easy knee exercises every other day: What makes it hard for me to be sick, is that as soon as I haven’t moved my legs for just a couple of days, my knee starts hurting – badly. There’s no way I’m able to hit the gym, or even just do my knee recovery workout, but I want to do the elastic band exercises. They’re not that hard but is better than nothing.
  • Don’t feel guilty about being sick: I’ll be completely honest with you: I feel guilty for getting sick again. There’s a tiny voice in my head that tells my I’m just lazy, and that I should feel bad for burdening my family and boyfriend again. I know it’s against all logic (and my blood tests), but it’s something I’m fighting with.

Things that’ll show up on the blog this week so get excited!

  • A new post in the Thoughts from Therapy series about ripping your heart open
  • A little round up with some workout wear/fitness clothes/activewear/work out clothes/I’m honestly not sure which word it’s normal to use

And that’s probably all that I can manage 🙂


Things I posted a really long time ago that we’ve all happily forgotten about

Things that are too cute for this world

Because cute animals are the key to happiness and this way I can pretend I’m being productive when I spend hours looking at puppies – “It’s for the blog!!!”.

Also, there may not be an official treatment for mono yet, but I’m pretty sure baby animal therapy works.

I mean look at…

…this floof mocking a baby

… this hopefully not dead pup

… this baby-eating cutie

What do you want to achieve this week? Let me know in the comments!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx
FML | Monday Motivation #14
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  1. says: The Modest Fox

    Super excited to set goals for myself as well! You go girl! And, what an amazing way to recap.

  2. says: Janice @ Salads 4 Lunch

    Ugh! I had mono when I was 18, in my last year of highschool – it lingered on for MONTHS! I slept through prom and all of softball season, I hope you feel better soon! PS – you’re welcome to link up this post in my #MotivateMe Monday Linky where we share our fitness goals for the week and a recap of our fitness from the past week. Cheers!