9 Things I wanna do in March

Goodbye February, hello March!

February had its good and bad moments. On the good side was spending lots of time with family – both mine and S’s. And what’s the point of documenting the bad moments? Most of them involve pain anyway.

Overall, March is looking a lot more exciting than February. February was grey. And though March technically is looking very white at the moment, I think spring will come. At least in a metaphorical sense*

*I don’t know what that metaphorical sense is. I’ll need someone more poetic to write this. Quick, get distracted by this cute spring corgi!

This month, I’ll be meeting loads of other lovely, local bloggers through Fynske Influencers who is doing such a great job of bringing us together. Blogging can be a lonely hobby, so it’s fun to meet people who share your passion!

In March I want to…

  1. … Celebrate anniversary with S. On March 1st, S and I have officially been together for 3 years. Which is a bummer. Because we’re almost too cute together 🤢
  2. … Go to a foodstyling event. Speaking of events, I’m so excited about this one. Fynske Influencers is hosting a foodstyling event, where some of the talented food- and/or photography bloggers will be sharing their best tips&tricks at a workshop.
  3. … See my parents. My parents are stopping by a Sunday
  4. … Sort out my life. My future in particular. Eh. This one is quite a mess at the moment, but I’m trying to be proactive rather than hiding in a hole because this is too scary and complicated to deal with. This could go terribly wrong.
  5. … Watch the Oscars… with closed eyes. I want to watch the Oscars, but I don’t function well without sleep. I’m definitely not capable of staying up to watch the whole thing, but I may wake up early to catch the end.
  6. … Meet up with local bloggers. Later in March I’ll be hanging with with local bloggers again, this time for a meet up, which are usually wonderful!
  7. … BLOG MORE! I can’t believe there’s only published a total of 3 posts in February! It’s too bad, really. I have plenty of ideas, but zero time and energy (mainly the latter, working at my internship is so exhausting). I already have a couple of good posts in my drafts folder that only need the finishing touches, so I promise more content this month.
  8. … Cut my hair off. Maybe. I can’t decide. I’m fed up of this long, thick mess. However, my hair acts so weird when it’s short. Also money.
  9. … Finish strong at my internship. By mid-march, my internship period is over, so the final sprint is coming up. After that, I’ll have to an assignment on project management about my internship, then move on to my bachelor’s thesis, and then I guess I’m graduating by summer??

What do you want to do in March?

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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