Lovely Little Things: Birthdays, Crazy-Exgirlfriend, Digital detox + more!

It’s worth remembering the little moments in life that brings you joy

I’ve wanted to bring something like a ‘monthly favorites’ series to the blog for a while. But I decided against it, as I know there are going to be months where I have nothing to say, or are too busy to write it – and I’m not going to be the one to publish my February faves in late April… Not when I can write something for this series when it seems appropriate (read: I have something worth saying, instead of just publishing because the calendar says so).

It would be pretty boring if my March favourites turned out to only be chocolate – like that needs a recommendation, it already has a fairly strong brand!

What I want, is a place to share the little things from every day life that I enjoy and the lovely moments worth sharing.

Side note before we get started: this post is not sponsored, and I haven’t been paid to mention any brand or product in this post (but even if I had, I’d still only share my honest opinion). Once in a while companies send me products to review or invite me to events, but I’ll only share them here if it’s genuinely a recent favorite of mine. For the sake of transparency, I’ll mark those things as we go along. Deal? Deal!

Little moments

3 years with S

The start of March marked 3 years for my relationship with S. I feel very lucky.

To celebrate, we spend the day together, ordered sushi and went to see Black Panther in the evening (that movie gets a 100% 5 star 10/10 recommendation)

Birthday at Lego House

S and I as LEGO

My sister turned 18 in February, and so the family spend the day in Lego House to celebrate her. If your inner child is still alive, it would love this place. I know I would have freaked out if I had seen all this Lego in one place when I was a kid (and I grew up near Lego land in Billund, so I’ve seen a lot of Lego)

More family birthday celebrations – this time with S’s family

International Women’s Day

GRL PWR shirt – Gift from LOTD

Women’s rights are important to me. It’s a political issue. And IWD is a political day, not a cute holiday like Mother’s or Father’s day, so I got angry when all my ads on social media was It’s women’s day, buy something cute and pink from us, even though mentioning that it’s IWD is the most we’ve done for women all year.

Yeah, it made a bit angry. And so I wrote this.

Local blogger events

The blogger community in my local area is flourishing, thanks to a couple of badass women. Instead of waiting for brands to arrange PR events where bloggers can meet in real life, they started arranging them on their own – with a focus on community and learning from each other, rather than marketing.

The latest event was about foodstyling and photography, which I wrote about here.

Little Things

Rachel Bloom – Crazy-Exgirlfriend Songs

If you haven’t watched Crazy-Exgirlfriend, you are missing out. It’s completely crazy and hilarious – and at the same time handles mental health well (especially for a comedy-musical). The songs are so funny, and I could barely choose just one to include here (runner ups where Fit hot guys have problems too, I think I like you & the Sexy getting ready song).

The one I picked is kinda like Katy Perry’s “I kissed a girl”. Though this one is terrible when it’s stuck in your head and you sing out loud “I wanna kill you and wear your skin like a dress”…

Chai tea

Ad for Fredsted The as I was sent their products as a gift

I was sent this super lovely care package including a book, scented candle and lots of tea! You’ll know I’m not a big tea drinker (even worse with coffee), but spurred on by colleageus at my internship, I have been testing whether I still dislike it. At home I’ve been trying out Fredsted The, and I’ve found a new favorite in their Chai Latte with choko-orange (I do not know how to translate this). Avid tea drinkers may not exactly think of it as tea – but I’m not one of them, so what do I know? To me, it’s more like a good hot chocolate with taste of ‘orange crunch’? (google translate refuses to tell me what appelsinkrokant is called in english, so this is my best guess), and it’s been cheering me up on all the bad pain days I’ve had lately.

Digital detox

Smartphones are amazing and let us do so many incredible things, like learning and connecting to people. It can also be a huge distraction that steals hours of mindless scrolling if you’re not careful! I’ve found an app that lets me use the apps I need to work (like a pdf reader and note taking app when I’m studying), but blocks social media apps and other distractions. It’s much easier to stay away when you don’t have a choice! The app is called OFFTIME, and I imagine it’s only available for android (because apple doesn’t let 3rd party apps block access to other apps).

What have you been loving lately?

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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