8 Things I Want to Do in June

Goodbye May, Hello June!

Summer times are here and I’m loving it!

May didn’t quite pan out as planned – I caught the flu and then got a sinus infection, so I spend nearly two weeks feeling BLERGH. It’s a real word. No, don’t look it up

So while I didn’t do all the 8 things I had looked forward to in May, I kept the 8th one in mind: To meet myself with kindness even if I don’t complete all the things I’ve planned and want to achieve.

(And I can get 0% blame for the fact that the test-results from my annual check up from my GP had been deleted from the system)

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In June I want to…

  • … VOTE! Vote, vote, vote. Denmark’s having a general election on our Constitution Day, and I think it’s important to get out and vote.
  • Get accepted into the master’s program I’m hoping for at uni. It’s scary to say that to the world, because that means you’ll also know if I’m not admitted. (Hang on – that has already happened! For some reason, I got my acceptance letter early. And that’s absolutely not a complaint)
  • … Go to Christine’s talk on living with chronic pain. You might have seen her on the internet, where’s she goes by Men du ser jo ikke syg ud (Translation: But you don’t look sick)
  • … Meet up with like-minded people at a KI-event. By like-minded, I mean people who are also dealing with chronic illness and/or pain. Kroniske Influencers is a supportive online community, and this week they’re hosting a meet-up in my city. I can’t wait!
  • … Buy a bikini top. I haven’t owned a bikini in +5 years (to be more accurate, I do still own one, which I no longer fit in and haven’t worn for at least that amount of time). I kinda haven’t wished to see my body in a bikini – but I’m working on that mentally, and I already bought a bikini bottom.
  • … Test out a TENS-machine. TENS stands for Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and can in some cases give temporary pain relief. The pain clinic has lent me a machine so I can test whether it works for my pain condition before I invest in one myself. Fingers crossed it works!
  • … Respect my own (body’s) limits. That’s easier said than done, even without existing in a body with chronic pain. Especially when it comes to making my limits know to other people who (naturally) can’t see how I’m feeling, and I gotta have the courage to say no before I end up burned out in flare-up territory.
  • … and oh yeah, we still need to finish the poster wall 😂

What do you look forward to in June? Let me know in the comments!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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