How I got over 10,000 views and ruined my blog in a month | July Blog Report

How I got over 10,000 views in a month and ruined my blog. Monthly report where I share my stats and strategies (and a mistake you'll hopefully never make!). Click through to read more, or repin to save for later!

Happy it’s-my-birthday-month! Is there a better way to celebrate than to go through last month’s stats?

Yes. There must be.

Nonetheless, that’s what we’re going to do!

As you hopefully haven’t noticed, I completely ruined my blog this month. Destroyed it.

Everything was gone.

Although I’ve cried and complained about it a lot, I’ve yet to explain what really happened. Because that’s what I do – tell everybody about the stupid stuff I did, and hopefully somebody will learn from my mistakes.

Lesson 1: ALWAYS back up your site.

Obviously, everybody knows that.

Lesson 2: Know how to properly back up your site.

This is where I went wrong.

If you’re on WordPress like me, there are two things you need to do.

  • Back up your files via your FTP-client or file managing system
  • Back up your SQL database – in a way that you can restore the backup afterwards
    • This varies depending on your hosting provider and hosting type, so make sure to read their help documents carefully (and contact support if you have questions)

For some reason, I couldn’t restore my database – which includes pretty much everything but your theme. All your customizations, posts, and so on. I was lucky I had recently exported all my posts, including images as a secondary form of backup. If I hadn’t, I would have lost everything permanently.

I’m forever grateful to the Internet Gods that I was able to get my site back up in a couple of days.

So remember kids – always back up your site. And know how to restore it when time comes!

Now let’s break down the blog traffic of July!

Most read posts in June

Most discussed posts from June

Most shared posts from June

It’s always fun to see the mix of post that show up on these lists. I’m not surprised to see my blogging posts have been doing better than my health ones, as that was what I focused more on writing and promoting. But I want to change that in August!

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Blog traffic

Pageviews 14,00110,346
Posts14 10
July Views

July was a pretty steady month – and as you can see on the graph, I lost a couple of days’ data thanks to the server problems.

I’m a bit shocked to see how few posts I’ve made this month. Though I was on vacation, that wasn’t the reason – I had planned for that! What I hadn’t planned was forgetting my laptop charger, and well, destroying my blog.

There’s no way it can go that wrong this month, is there?

June Blog Traffic Sources

social traffic july
Traffic sources by social channel for July (top) vs June (bottom)

What I did different this month

  • Posted less: This seemed to have a negative effect on my traffic, especially as health and fitness related posts were sparse this month. I’ll include more of that in my August editorial calendar.
  • Tumblr: A fairly significant dive in referrals this month. I blame the fact that my queue ran out, so I was barely posting anything for a good part of the month.
  • Stumbleupon: This one made a big entrance last month – but it looks like it’s already making an exit too. I’m not gonna pretend I understand this platform, and I’m starting to think the huge traffic boost was just a random stroke of luck. That means it will be hard to replicate, so I’m not gonna bother.
  • Pinterest: As I wasn’t as active on here while away, I’m glad to see my traffic didn’t suffer much.
  • Made my blog Danish! This is so new, it has yet to have an impact on my traffic. But I do hope this will attract more danish readers – and that’s one of the many reasons why I decided to make Annesmiles bilingual! I still worry that the workload will get too big for me, so I try to make it in small steps.

Overall, it turns out you can go on vacation without your blog falling apart – that happens when you get and ruin everything πŸ™‚

Have you been on vacation this summer? Did you notice a change in your stats? Let me know in the comments!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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How I got over 10,000 views and ruined my blog in a month | July Blog ReportHow I got over 10,000 views and ruined my blog in a month | July Blog Report
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  1. says: Sarah

    Anne, quick question. How do you transition to making your blog bilingual? Did you translate every single post manually or used a plugin? I am thinking of converting mine too… Let me know thanks!

    1. says: Anne

      Yes, I’m translating all posts manually (via a plugin) – Some plugins offer to do it automatically, but machine-translations are just not very good. Other plugins gives you the option to pay them to translate your posts, but I can’t afford that

  2. says: Tina Pik

    Wow, that must’ve been scary. I better get onto backing up my blog, it’s always been on the back of my mind but you’ve just given me that extra push. Thanks for that. Glad to hear that you had exported everything. Great insights as well. Well done!

  3. says: Jolina

    I’m a little scared now because I have no idea if my blog is backed up. Maybe it’s part of my hosting services but I absolutely need to make sure!! And I have a 2-week vacation coming up in the fall…I plan to unplug…so we’ll see how that affects my blog.

  4. Ok, for the life of me I cannot understand StumbleUpon. I’m glad to know I’m not alone. Also, I find myself getting so caught up in social media sharing and boosting views … I forget that actually producing quality content is the main key here. Congrats on at least maintaining over 10K views! Awesome!

    1. says: Anne

      That’s definitely a dangerous trap! Blogging, at it’s core, should always be about the content, not just the promotion – at least for me.
      Thank you!

  5. says: Journous

    Great tips! A few of my blogs got corrupted by a virus (I was working on those for over 5 years) and EVERYTHING was gone :/… and even the backup didn’t help because it was also corrupted. After that I decided to never create a blog again and waste my time. Well good news is that my failures made me stronger, so I am back at it working from the beginning. Thank you for the inspiration to keep going even when things don’t go your way.

    1. says: Anne

      I’m glad you didn’t let that get you down! Hope you will be back stronger and better than ever, you got a lot of experience to pull from x

  6. Oh man. So sorry about your blog. I had a scare a few months ago where all of my static pages disappeared. It was an easy fix but now I obsessively export every week just in case and keep drafts of my posts in a folder! I have enough problems with the techie side of blogging…if my whole site disappeared I would probably just beat myself to death with my laptop!

    That said, your stats are still pretty amazing for having so many issues, so hopefully August will be a great month for you!

  7. says: Mimi

    Oh no! I’ve never backed up my blog. New to the whole thing and didn’t know I had to! Haha. I’m still using a blogspot account and not my own site. Do I still need to back it up? Need to look into that. Thanks!

    Mimi | According to Mimi

    1. says: Anne

      Yeah, you should definitely back up your site! I don’t know much about blogspot, but you should at minimum be able to export your posts so you have those backed up x

        1. says: Anne

          If you’re self-hosted there’s a lot of plugins that can help you do it. If you want to do it manually, you need to download all the files from your server + the SQL database from your hosting panel πŸ™‚

  8. The SAME thing happened to me … three times … in the past 8 months. I was on go-daddy, and I’m still slightly irritated by them because they couldn’t help me OR tell me why their system was deleting me. I’m now on bluhost, but I still don’t know how to properly back it up, so I’ll be working on that. For the record, I love how you display your traffic sources.

    1. says: Anne

      Wauw, that’s terrible! I’m actually with GoDaddy too, and have found their support to be far from helpful – I just need to figure out how to make the change (without it getting expensive).
      Thank you! x

  9. says: erin

    I love love love your tips! Cannot believe you lost your blog though that is terrifying!! I would have flipped out. Your stats are incredible though! So so GOOD! Right now I get about 2-2.5k visits a month, so will be using your tips πŸ™‚

    Erin || MakeErinOver

    1. says: Anne

      I could hardly believe it when it happened, I don’t know what I would have I done if I had lost all my posts – that’s so many hours of work! Thank you, I hope they can help you! x