8 things I want to do in July

Goodbye June, hello July!

I’m sitting in my room, both windows and the door are open. Birds are singing outside. Lazy rays of sunshine are crawling through the door. There’s so many bugs and flies. All of them trying to exit through the glass – no, use the open window THE OPEN WINDOW IS RIGHT THERE!

July is beautiful and wonderful!

First, let’s take a look back on June.

I only need one word to really describe my June. And that’s bachelor’s thesis.

Wait. It’s only one word in Danish. I’m going to pull the non-native speaker card to get out of this one.

I not only survived writing the thesis and defense, I passed with a fine grade! Normally that would mean you’re finished with the degree, but I still have a couple of loose ends to catch up with.

But overall, I’m feeling good. As always chronic pain is a bother, but now that I don’t need to go to class or meetings about my BA, I’m free to move as slow as my body feels like. I love this freedom!


In July I want to…

  1. Travel to Berlin: Later this month I’m going on vacation with my family and S. We’re travelling to Berlin, and I’m so excited – it’s going to be the highlight of the month (though I’m a little worried about how my body will respond to the long days of walking). Got any Berlin travel tips?
  2. Hand in my 2nd last exam: I’m so close to finishing my Bachelor’s degree! I had hoped to have graduated by now, but that’s not how it turned out. 
  3. Absorb all the sunshine: The Danish summer is really amazing this year. I’m testing ways to enjoy the summer and outdoor activities with being hit with fatigue and annoying my neck.
  4. Read at least 1 book: Because summer = reading! I just started on Bad Science, but I also want to read some fiction just for the sake of it.
  5. Do scary adult stuff: I don’t know how much of this I should share on the blog. Some of this is properly better to keep for myself (and lots of it is just so much uncertainty it’s not worth sharing until there’s some form of clarification.
  6. Practice photography: I’ve owned my DSLR camera for about 5 years, and just a few days ago I had a small epiphany watching a youtube tutorial. I’ve learned the difference between various auto focus settings (not just switching between auto and manual focus) and when to use them. Finally!
  7. Watch ALL the world cup games: No, I’m not exaggerating. We’re at the round of 16, and I don’t plan to miss a single match! So sad to see Denmark get kicked out. I think my new favorite is Belgium!
  8. Waffles: S and I got a waffle maker, and I’m in love (also, I need to practice – see how my first waffle turned out here)

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What do you look forward to in July?

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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  1. says: Leta

    I hope you’re having a great July! I actually went to Berlin in winter and I’ve written a blog post about if you’re interested 🙂 It’s a vibrant city, I’m sure you’ll love it.

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  2. says: Isabell

    I can recommend the Urban Nation Street Art museum in Berlin! It’s free and if you have the chance definitely get a tour, they are very good and informative. Also there are many graffitis in the neighbourhood so after the museum you can go and stroll around and see the graffiti in ‘real life’ 🙂

    1. says: Anne

      Thanks for the recommendation Isabell! I’d especially love to see some of the street art in Berlin, so this sounds good! 🙂