6 Things I Want to Do in January

Goodbye December, Hello January!

Time to wrongfully write 2018 instead of 2019 until your autopilot finally remember that a new year has begun sometime in February!

I hope you’ve had a wonderful December (Christmas included) and entered the new year with joy in your heart. Whether that meant jumping into 2019 with a drink in both hands at a party, or snuggled on the couch, watching movies (S and I went for the latter).

This January feels weird to me.

It’s a time where many people set intentions, are ambitious about how they want to shape their 2019. Big dreams, big goals, big resolutions.

I want to do that too.

But even more so, I want need to take care of my body; I have to walk a fine line, delicately balancing challenging without exhausting myself, increasing my pain levels and causing me to crash.

You might not be in the exact same situation, but you still need to take care of yourself too. Balance challenges with rest and recharging. Take care of your mental health!

It’s okay to want to improve, just know you are good enough the way you are.

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In january I want to…

  • … See my doctor. Because of moving apartments, I’ve had to get a new GP. Meeting with her and discussing how I can best take care of my body. This is what I’m doing for my health this January, as it would be reckless to just start training again for me and I really hate that…
  • … Decorate our new home. All the big things like furniture are in place, and it’s beginning to feel like home. But the walls are still bare, so we’ll be looking for various art to decorate. I’m struggling to convince S that this corgi poster is amazing.
  • … Not let diet culture get me down. As we all know it happens every January. I’m already feeling it this year. Detoxes, diets and dreams (that don’t come true) – it’s everywhere. It’s easy to get sucked in by the promises of diets (even if they don’t write ‘diet’ or ‘weight loss’ on the package, but call it ‘lifestyle change’ it can still be diet). They’re selling happiness, and part of me want to buy in. I find it harder to look at my soft body with loving eyes. There’s so much pressure to shrink. So many people going “This is the year I get my dream body – this is the year I stop looking like you”. I find it harder to love my body in January – and so I will try even harder.
  • … Read more. In the new apartment, I have a little corner with all my books and a rocking chair – a perfect reading nook! I’ve rediscovered a love for reading fiction (Thanks to Brandon Sanderson’s Mistborn series). I want to have ways of resting and recharging that doesn’t evolve the internet and social media, and reading fills those criterias well.
  • … Blog more. Often, when I haven’t written anything for the blog in a while, I start to get this anxiety about writing. Suddenly I feel like I can’t create anything that’s good. Nothing is worth sharing… However, there is one easy solution to it. Well, easier said than done, but there is one: simply writing. So that’s what I will do!
  • … Prioritise what I spend my energy on. I don’t know about you, but I only have a finite amount of energy to burn in one day. And I want to be more picky about what I spend it one: Things that I enjoy, and things that bring me value.

What do you look forward to in January? Let me know in the comments!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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