Introducing #HealthHour – A Healthy & Happy Twitter Chat

Introducing Healthhour - a healthy and happy twitter chat

It’s finally time to reveal a little project I’ve been working on – a project, that’s all connecting with and supporting each other in the fitness community

Update: #HealthHour is no longer an active chat, sorry. You can find previous chats here.

My favorite thing about Twitter is the chats, where bloggers come together to chat about hobbies, share their secret tricks and connect with likeminded people. It’s a fantastic way to get into a community if you feel like you know no one, because everyone is there to chat you’ll never feel like you’re budging in on a conversation you’re not invited (unless you’re rude. Nobody wants to invite rude people).

I wanted to start a chat about living a healthy lifestyle with a focus on physical and mental well-being rather than weight loss and restriction. Cue #HealthHour

It’s a weekly chat on Mondays (we all need a bit of that Monday Motivation), where I’ll be posting 4-5 questions on a given topic that we will chat about under the hashtag HealthHour. The first chat is already on tonight. And you know what? I’m so excited!

What it’s about

  • Enjoying a healthy lifestyle – Mental AND physical health
  • Finding balance
  • Self love and improving body image
  • Supporting each other
  • Weekly accountability thread where we set a goal (big or small) for the next week

What it’s not about

  • Diets
  • Restrictive weight loss
  • Body goals
  • Body shaming of any kind
  • Beating yourself up for not reaching your goal 100%

I can’t keep people who don’t want to be nice out of the chat, but I can block them from seeing the questions and hopefully that will give them a hint – but in my experience, that’s usually not a problem!

I hope you want to help make this a safe space of positivity where we support each other regardless of looks. I hope you’re up for making this a positive space, because we can only do that together.


But, wait I’m not on Twitter! What do I do?

Option 1

Join Twitter, you silly face. It’s where all the cool kids hang out (and I stand in the corner silently watching them…)

Option 2

There’s really not a way you can join in live without a Twitter account. But I will be posting a recap (like this) after the chat, where you can see everyone’s answers, leave your own, and chat in the comments.

But wait – Now I’m on Twitter and I have no idea what a Twitter chat is!

Good thing I’m here to explain it.

A Twitter chat is basically just an hour of chatting with lovely people online – so grab a cup of tea and a blanket, and make sure your battery isn’t dying. If you’re on a computer, I recommend using Tweetdeck to keep up with the tag and your mentions at the same time.

I will be posting the questions from my account, numbering them Q1., Q2. etc. So give your two cents by either replying to my tweets, or tweet your answer starting with A1., A2. etc.

But don’t forget use the #HealthHour on all your tweets! During the chat you can see everyone’s answers and reply to them in the hashtag, striking up a conversation – because that’s what this is all about!

I can’t tell you enough how much I’m looking forward to the first chat tonight – and I’m really hoping to see you there!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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Introducing #HealthHour - A Healthy & Happy Twitter Chat
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