How I gained 90 new followers on Bloglovin’ in a week

Alright, let’s talk about Bloglovin’.

What’s Bloglovin’ you ask? I already love blogs, what’s more to talk about? 

Basically, Bloglovin’ is a feed reader. It’s a way for you to keep up with all the blog posts from your favorite blogs. It’s also a way to discover new blogs, although Bloglovin’ mainly promote blogs who already have hundred of thousands of followers – aka never gonna happen for me.

This post is not for them. It’s for you – If you’re a mere mortal like me.

As I recently wrote about in my blog goals, I wanted to get better at focusing on just one thing, instead of trying to do everything at once and failing. So when I, to my surprise, got an email from Bloglovin’ saying I’ve reached 200 followers, I wanted to do a little experiment:

What would happend if I spend 1 week really focusing on different strategies to grow my Bloglovin’ following?

The result: I gained new 90 followers in a week – up until that, I’ve gained less than one a day.

4 strategies that will make your Bloglovin’ following grow

Follow more people

It’s classic, right? Just mass follow people hoping a few will follow you back.

No. Just no.

Just following random people would mean having to scroll through a ton of posts you don’t want to read, and there’s no guarantee they will want to read your blog.

It’s a good idea to follow people on Bloglovin’ because they’re already on the platform – so they’re more likely to check out your blog and engage with you on there.

When I look for new blogs to follow, I usually go through the followers and followings of blogs I already love and are similar to my own. That way, I’m more likely to find blogs that I will enjoy reading – and people who are more likely to like what I post.

Get that button on your site

Your blog is the perfect place for you to encourage people to follow you on Bloglovin’. And easy way to do that, is with Bloglovin’s follow widget that looks like this (If people are logged into their Bloglovin’ account, they don’t even need to go to a new window to follow you).

You can get it with and with your follower number:

If you’re on Blogger, you can get the button for your blog here.

If you’re on WordPress, you can install the plugin here.

And here is the instructions for Square Space users.

If you’re on, you can’t add the button as it uses javascript. But like me, you can cheat, and just add a picture of the button with a link to your blog on Bloglovin’.

Cross promote

Like on your blog, the people who follow you on Twitter, Facebook, Pinterest etc. are already showing an interest in your content, so it’s a good place to look for more followers.

But know your social media – On Twitter, you can promote it fairly often, and still gain a few followers every time. During the experiment, I tried posting it multiple times a day (I’m already very active on there, so it doesn’t seem as spammy) – and it worked! I usually post my link 1-2 times a week, and I think I’ll go back to that again – because I personally think multiple times a day is too much for an extended period of time. But remember, you know your audience the best.

Another strategy is to pin your post from Bloglovin instead of the original post. I wouldn’t recommend it, as

  1. Pins from the original source is always preferred
  2. Views on Bloglovin is not counted as part of your statistics
  3. When people click on a pin, it’s because they want to read the post, not necessarily follow you on Bloglovin’ (and if you’re using strategy 2, they might follow you anyway)

Leave more comments – with your Bloglovin’ link

Now, if you’ve found a blog that seems great, don’t just show your interest by following. Leave a comment – and include your blog(lovin’) link while you’re there. In order to not be a super annoying person, you need to do this the right way.

Don’t write: Great post! Follow me on x, y, z & Bloglovin’

Do write: A thoughtful comment that requires you to read the post. Leave your link as part of your signature – but keep it to one link! I usually leave my blog link along with my name, as I think my url is just as much my identity as my name online. I like when people leave a link to their blog, so I have a chance to get to know them more. I don’t like when they see my comment section as a way for them to simply promote themselves.

Some days I commented on over 20 day, but mostly just a handful. If you make it a goal to follow and comment on 5 new blogs everyday, it’s going to make a difference.

Something to keep in mind

The number of followers alone doesn’t mean anything – if people only follow you to get a follow back, they’re not going to read your post, they’re not going to be engaged, and they’re not going to be part of your community. I have yet to see if this experiment will lead to a boost in traffic as well – and it’s even harder to measure how many people follow me because they enjoy my content. Numbers aren’t everything – you can’t measure connection, even though that’s the ultimate goal (at least for me).

I noticed a lot of people commenting back, thereby showing some interest in what I create here. Although it is time consuming, I think commenting is the single best strategy.

What’s your experience with Bloglovin’? Spill your secrets in the comments!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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How I gained 90 new followers on Bloglovin\' in a week
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  1. says: Dipesh

    Hey, I can’t believe you got over 90 in a single week. That’s just impressive. I will definitely try your strategies and see how it goes. Thanks a lot

  2. says: Victoria

    Such a useful post! I find Bloglovin’ doesn’t send my blog very much traffic, but I love to use the platform to find other bloggers so I want to make sure I am in a good position to be found if others feel the same. I can’t wait to implement these tips!
    xx Victoria

    1. says: Anne

      Thank you Victoria! I don’t get that much traffic from Bloglovin’ (at least not anymore), but still find it’s a great place to connect with other bloggers. Good luck with your blog x

  3. says: Tamara

    I know this is an older post but it was really informative. I’m trying to get back into blogging and looking for ways to engage better with followers. I have noticed that I get quite a few adds from Blogloving but never researched how to utilize their platform more. I’m going to try your techniques!

  4. says: Anonymous

    Thank you for posting this awesome article. I’m a long time reader but I’ve never been compelled to leave a comment. I subscribed to your blog and shared this on my Facebook.
    Thanks again for a great post!

  5. says: Sai

    Thanks for sharing the simple methods to get more followers on Bloglovin’ . I just Joined the Bloglovin’ and may be i could more Followers in my Blog now.


  6. says: Paula

    Thank you for working on this topic. I just started on Bloglovin and did not know how to attract followers.
    I am going to start your strategy.

  7. This was really interesting- thank you. I’m on Bloglovin’ but still trying to figure it out, so thanks for the help! Quick question- how did you get your awesome logo with the ‘pulsing’ hearts. I love that. xx

    1. says: Anne

      Hope this is helpful to you! I created that little sign off gif in photoshop myself, making mulitple frames where the hearts change πŸ™‚

  8. says: wholesomm

    How do you even get 1 or 2 a week !? lmao – I just added my blog to bloglovin’ so I’m excited about gaining any. This is a helpful post!! Thanks!!

  9. I haven’t blogged in over 5 years now and its crazy how much I have to relearn – everything has changed so much! I liked your point about using your bloglovin url in the comments, I’m going to try doing that and see if that makes any difference. I’ll report back soon!

    Just discovered your blog, love it!
    xx Beth

    1. says: Anne

      Welcome back to blogging! I can imagine there’s been quite a shift over 5 years! But you certainly got me as a follower now (so it worked in this case). Good luck with your blog, Beth! x

  10. says: Matt Killy

    Hey Anne!
    Just discovered your blog with this post and really liked it! Keep crushing it!
    Quick question: Did you try promoting your BlogLovin directly from Instagram and Facebook? If so, do you like it better than promoting your blog directly?
    Cheers from NYC,
    PS: Your Instagram feed is also pretty awesome πŸ™‚

    1. says: Anne

      Hi Matt! I haven’t tried that – because I don’t believe it’s a good idea. Especially on Instagram I try to avoid being too self-promotional and it’s seems like too much to promote bloglovin there. However with, at least in my experience there seems to be a big overlap in users so it makes sense to promote it there πŸ™‚
      Thank you so much!

  11. says: Anna

    Thank you for tour insight, I have been on Bloglovin’ for over a year but never really looked into yet. Your results are impressive though, so I should give it go! x

  12. says: DELARA LALWANI

    I’ve been reading many posts on how to increase my bloglovin’ followers as I’ve just only begun. Everything almost seemed cut and paste – came ways – a few different articulations. And then, I read your blog. Thank you! Thank you for saying something different. What’s more, you sound like you really want to help, which in my opinion, makes you fabulous!

    P.S.: I’m starting my experiment right here right now πŸ˜‰

  13. says: Nikki O.

    Hey Anne!

    I just discovered your blog on Bloglovin!. I think I spent a good 30 minutes reading your blogging tips lol. Thanks for your tips! I just started blogging the end of last month and I love it.

  14. says: Katie Frost

    This is such a great post! I always see ‘How to get twitter followers’ ect. but this is the first for Bloglovin’! I’m murder for reading a blog that I found via twitter and just retweeting it, instead on making a conscious effort to interact! I will definitely be putting these tips to use!
    Katie xo

  15. says: Anne Johnston

    These are great tips, thanks so much for sharing. I just joined Bloglovin’ today so know your post will help loads


  16. says: Aleksandra

    I am a new blogger, but my Bloglovin’ followers count is quite pathetic, even for a newbie πŸ™‚ Following back will never work for me, as I do try to only follow blogs I read every day and there is only certain amount of hours in a day.. But I’ll give the rest a go!

    1. says: Anne

      Unless you’re at negative 50, nothing’s pathetic! I had 6 followers by the end of December, and my blog was a couple of months old at that time! I use Bloglovin’s groups to sort blogs into ‘must reads’ and such, so I don’t miss posts from my favorite bloggers πŸ™‚

  17. says: Hollie

    Thanks for sharing. I actively use bloglovin myself and have wondered what the best ways to grow your following is on there. I would agree that followers don’t mean a lot unless they are meaningful and you engage with readers as well.

  18. says: Mira

    These are really good tips, I never tried to promote my Bloglovin’ profile on Twitter but I think it’s time to change that. When I started blogging I also followed random people and last month I noticed that I was following more than 200 people who hadn’t posted in a year. Great haha. Congrats on gaining so many followers btw, that’s pretty amazing. xx

  19. says: Be

    Oh my! 90 in a week is a lot! I’ve been working on promoting my blog more lately and it’s been working a lot, but I don’t even make 90 a month! And I do the same things you do…

    And thanks for telling people that mass following is not ok. I once read a post about how someone made 9k+ in one week, and she’d just spent her entire Easter break mass following tiny blogs so they’d follow her back… no! that’s not an ok strategy!

    Be | lovefrombe

    1. says: Anne

      It was slightly insane for me too, but I did have a lot of time to write comments.
      That’s just not okay, at all! I like to believe you should only follow blogs you genuinely want to read, not just to get a follow back….

  20. says: Ami

    90 sounds good! Thanks for the tips, I must start sharing my bloglovin link more on Twitter. I don’t understand the difference between following a person on bloglovin and following their blog, why not just have the option to follow the blog? I don’t like how it uses the first image in your blog as the cover photo, if I’m doing a recipe I often put the photos in order which means the first photo is just dry ingredients πŸ™

    Ami x

    1. says: Anne

      Well, it is kinda weird – but when you follow a blog, the post show up in your feed, and when you follow a person, you can see whenever they save/like a post in your feed (it used to be separate, but they recently update it). And I think they might try to make it more of a social media on it’s own with time.
      Sometimes Bloglovin is weird when it comes to that, but if you can edit the HTML of your site, I think you can change the RSS feed to get the featured image instead of the first image x

  21. says: Gemma

    Awesome tips! 90 in one week is amazing! I get happy seeing I just got 1 or 2 in a week. I definitely need to up my commenting game. I always want to make them more genuine, though, and not just commenting to comment. Thanks for sharing!

    Gemma |