How to be More Confident in the Gym

How to be more confident in the gym || The weights room at the gym can seem intimidating to somebody just starting out. Here's how I get over the gym anxiety. Click through to read more, or repin to save for later!

The weights room at the gym can seem intimidating to somebody just starting out.

The fact that the main part of the population in there seems to be male, combined with women being told not to lift more than 3 lbs, scare off many women before they even get started.

Weightlifting has actually been shown to improve general wellbeing and body image of women – and the women who did weight training in the study also had a significant increase in muscular strength and decrease in body fat; that was by weight training only two days a week for 15 weeks.

The fact that weight training makes you more confident is not helpful if you lack the confidence to get started. But over-thinking, imagining all the scenarios where it goes wrong, will get you nowhere – there’s a reason why worrying is compared to a rocking chair. So what can you actually do, to get the extra boost of confidence before hitting the gym?

Here’s a few you can try

Prepare yourself

Decide what exercises you’re going to do beforehand, and practice. By practice I don’t mean you should do a complete workout at home, but watch videos of the exercises., and Jefit are good places to look. Mimic the movements, so you know how it feels to perform the exercise. Go with a friend (if they have in experience, that’s even better) – that way you can help each other with the technique, and you will feel less vulnerable.

Remember people don’t go to the gym to look at you

Most people are more busy exercising or looking at themselves in the mirror to notice if you make a little mistake. And even if you make a mistake, so what? We all do once in a while – you’re just too busy worrying about whether people are staring at you to notice.

Everyone screws up once in a while

I’ve been lifting be years by now, but that does not stop me from looking stupid from time to time. Recently I wanted to use the assisted pull up machine at my gym – but I just couldn’t figure it out! , because I spend way too long trying to adjust it to me. In the end, I had to walk to walk away in defeat – By now I’ve convinced myself that it just wasn’t working.

Ask for help

Employes at the gym are there to help – and in my experience, other gym goers are nice too, if you ask them for help. They will not think you’re stupid if you ask for help, probably just that you’re new – and if you say thank you, they will think you’re nice too.

Don’t compare yourself to others

When you start out with weight training, you will, naturally. not be able to lift as much or as well as experienced lifters. Don’t compare you beginning to somebody else’s middle. And remember; lifting heavy is not impressive – lifting heavy with good form is impressive. Form over speed and weight, always. Progress will come with time if you keep challenging yourself.

Look good, feel good

This last tip doesn’t work for everybody; but if wearing that cute top, your new shoes or putting on a bit of make-up gives you the extra boost in confidence, do it!

Take a gym selfie if you want to!

What makes you feel confident in the gym? Let me know what you think in the comments below!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx


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How to be More Confident in the Gym
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  1. says: Sarah

    Great advice! I avoided going to the gym for years because I didn’t know what to do and was afraid people would judge me. I’m slowly overcoming this, and something that has really helped is having a gym near me that offers completely private workout rooms. This helps me focus on learning the proper form to exercise while not worrying about people watching me.

  2. says: Sophie

    I need to get back to the gym. This post is great and convinced me to get back at it! I used to love free weights – especially since I was the only woman in the section (at my local gym). I used to fly that female flag! Great post lovely. xx

  3. Oh man, these are such great tips!!! Practice is key! And being able to laugh at yourself if you mess up – I dropped the barbell during a squat one time. Oye, it wasn’t pretty. Love these tips!

  4. Great article! I’ve been lifting for a few years now and know it can be tough to get started. I found small group classes are awesome, since there is a trainer to help with form and getting proper technique down, similar to having a friend coach you through new techniques.
    Keep up the writing!

  5. says: Nena

    These are such wonderful tips!! We do need to remember that people are mainly there to work out, too, and not to scope people out. Even if a few are, we have to recall our main purpose for going and focus on that;)

  6. says: Miss 16:)

    I don’t do weights whenI’m at the gym but I found the same problem when Im on the treadmill.
    I always look at the mirror to see how I look when Im running, and are people looking at me( im a freak, right?)…
    Sigh, Im just not confident of myself.
    I hope I’d be more like you- be more confident and also do better in the workouts field.
    Thanks for posting suggestions on how to overcome this problem:)
    I’ll try this the next time I go to the gym.

    1. says: Annesmiles

      Hi! Everybody is more or less self conscious – we’re all too busy thinking about how we’re perceived to look at other people.
      Sometimes I catch myself staring at people when really I’m just zoning out between sets – I really hope they don’t think it’s because I’m thinking badly about them. When you notice someone looking at you, they might just be like me 🙂
      You got this!