Home Sweet Home

Hi from a place in Denmark where my parents live!

It’s so nice with a break from everyday life to go to a place where I’m surrounded by people I love (and maybe they love me too. Idk I haven’t asked them for a while). There’s always a stocked fridge, a dishwasher (aka the miracle machine), and delicious food is served even when you’re too lazy tired to cook.


As said, the visit didn’t start out well for me. I have chronic headaches, but most days the pain level is manageable. Maybe it was the different bed, finally giving my body permission to relax or something third, but I was so nauseous and struggled to keep food down for the first few days.

So even though the time I’ve spent here isn’t nearly as aesthetic or glamorous as the vacation images filling up my Instagram feed, I wanted to share a handful of moments from my time here. No vomit included. But there’s a few snaps of delicious food!

Legoland: My parents live close to Legoland, and we used to go there all the time when my siblings and I were kids. There’s no entry fee when you go in the evening, like an hour or two before they close. so after dinner Sunday we went to see the new attractions (and feel nostalgic about the old). I always love walking through the miniland; it’s basically different cities and points of interest around the world in mini-lego format. It’s so cool!

BBQ: Whenever I’m home in the summer I always ask for BBQ! It’s one of the things I never make myself – as well as homemade lasagne, there’s just too much washing up involved. Grilled veggie skewers like these with aubergine, champignon, cherry tomatoes, red pepper and carrots (zucchini is so good like this too, though not in this round) with a bit oil and garlic spice is THE BEST!

Old friends: I didn’t just travel home to see my family, as some of my friends from “high school” (sort of, school systems don’t translate well) had arranged a meet up. At first I was afraid I was going to miss it because I had felt so sick leading up to it, but I dressed up and put on make up anyway, trying to heal from the outside in. I’m so happy I was able to catch up with my friends, make good food (tortillas + nachos), play Bezzerwizzer – and meet Simba, the most beautiful cat! (I think I’ve never accepted the fact that I’ve never had a pet, because I always get obsessed when I hang out near other people’s pets).

Dirty eating: The best part of baking? Licking the bowl! No space for clean eating in any of the word’s meaning here!

home sweet home
home sweet home
home sweet home

Hometown strolls: Originally I planned to workout during my stay, but my body had other plans. So instead, when I was feeling like it, I’d go for walks through the town I’ve grown up in, reminisce about old times and reflect on the person I used to be.

Errands: Who doesn’t love going to the dentist? 🙋🏼 It’s been longer than I want to admit since my last appointment. I’ve never had any cavities, but I was convinced my streak was broken (it’s almost weird that my teeth are so healthy considering that during periods of bad mental health simply brushing my teeth is too big a task and I drink too many soft drinks) – but I came out okay! And I got a hair cut! Objectively, it probably still falls into the “long hair”-category, but it’s a lot shorter and so much easier to deal with! 💁🏼


How has your summer been so far?

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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