16 Healthier Christmas Cookies & Treats

Christmas is literally right around a corner, and there’s still so much to do!

By now I’ve managed to finish Christmas shopping but there’s still a lot I want to do before the festive period is over. High on that list is baking Christmas good, especially with my family. I can’t wait to enter a home full of love, Christmas spirit and the smell of baked goods.

As for what I’m going to bake, I’ve cooked up this list (pun intended). This is a list of ‘healthier’ cookies, cakes and other christmasssy treats. Though it is hard (impossible) to call food healthy or unhealthy outside the context of your entire diet and individual needs. These recipes are either lower in sugar, lower in calories, higher in protein or fibre, vegan, gluten-free or dairy-free so there’s something for everyone.

Though this does not mean that it should be forbidden or shameful to enjoy the regular versions.


Let’s start with the healthy chocolate chunk molasses gingerbread cookies.

Find the recipe by Running To The Kitchen here.


How pretty are these grain-free thumbprint cookies filled with salted caramel?

Find the recipe by Fit Mitten Kitchen here.


These ginger molasses cookies are so soft and chewy.

Find the recipe by The Organic Dietitian here.


I think Santa would be so psyched if he stumbled over these chocolate chip cookies in your kitchen.

Find the recipe by Downshiftology here.


These peppermint almond joy quinoa balls are a must try!

Find the recipe by Physical Kitchness here.


How about an improved version of Ferrero Roche with more protein?

Find the recipe by Avocado Pesto here.


Dark chocolate and orange is such a good flavour combo, and it’s delicious when it covers almonds with a bit of sea salt too.

Find the recipe by Savory Nothings here.


Looking at this gingerbread chocolate chip cake is making me sooo hungry!

Find the recipe by Kiwi and Bean here.


For a quick bite or two, try these cranberry and date chocolate truffles.

Find the recipe by Nourish Everyday here.

thepetitecook meh.jpg

Another kind of thumbprint cookies, here’s a traditional Maltese recipe for almond cookies.

Find the recipe by The Petite Cook here.


Who’s up for cranberries? How about trying these vegan cranberry chocolate chip cookies.

Find the recipe by Breaming Baker here.


Here’s a version of rum balls using dates and chia seeds.

Find the recipe by Belly Rumbles here.


We can’t forget about the waffles either! Especially not the gingerbread waffles.

Find the recipe by Forest and Fauna here.


Is it actual snowballs or just vanilla coconut bites? Nobody knows

Find the recipe by  Natalie’s Health here.


I love the design on these (homemade) almond cookies.

Find the recipe by Mom Foodie here.


Lastly, have a look at this rich and moist fruit cake.

Find the recipe by A Virtual Vegan here.

Now the only question left to ask is: Which are you going to try first?

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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16 Healthier Christmas Cookies & Treats
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  1. says: Monique

    This is seriously such a great round up – there are so many things I could easily make AND eat on this list. Really want to try the thumbprint cookies and the ferrero rocher! Thank you so much for including me! x

  2. says: Demeter | Beaming Baker

    Is it wrong that I want ALL of these cookies?? Maybe since they’re healthier versions, I can eat a little bite of each! 😉 Thanks so much for including my cranberry chocolate chip cookies in this delectable roundup! Now I’m totally in the mood for the season! Happy Holidays! <3