Hardcore Core Workout

Hi guys! Are you ready for some more workout inspiration?

I’ve put together a core circuit you can use as a finisher at the end of your workout to get your abs working too.

How good is that workout title though?…. Sorry, I just can’t help myself when I think of a bad good pun!

Hardcore ab workout - challenge your abs with these exercises! + MyProtein review


Set a timer and do 30 seconds work followed by 10 seconds rest for each exercise (not much more than it takes to get into position for the next exercise). If you’re in a hurry, you can do this as a stand alone workout, just repeat the circuit 2-3 times, resting between each round.

This workout requires no equipment, but it’s nice to have a mat for some of the exercises.

A Hardcore core workout to set your abs on fire!



This one is deceivingly hard. You need to really engage your abs, pressing your lower back into the mat – if you feel it lift of the ground, do just the arms or legs, or with a shorter range of motion until you get stronger. (Full description)


In regular mountain climbers, you stand in a plank position, and bring the knee to the same elbow. With crossovers, you bring the knee to the opposite elbow. (Full description)


Start out completely stretch, then engage your abs as you do a sit up, ending sitting up right with your knees tucked in.


Like mountain climbers, but here you’re bending your elbows slightly, bringing the knee to your elbow from the outside, engaging your obliques. (Full description)


Like a regular crunch, lift your torso slightly off the ground, and rotate from side to side, bringing your elbow to your knee. (Full description)


Standing in plank (core engaged!) bring in one leg between your arms, squeezing your abs. Bring the leg back, and come back to the plank very briefly before your bring in the other leg. (Full description)

This is just inspiration, feel free to modify the workout so it suits your current level.

Hardcore ab workout - challenge your abs with these exercises! + MyProtein review
Hardcore ab workout - challenge your abs with these exercises! + MyProtein review

WEARING: Leggings c/o MyProtein // ‘Fuel Your Ambition’ Top c/o MyProtein // Mat from Casall

How cool are these leggings? Lately I’ve been adding more colorful workout wear to my wardrobe instead of just going all black – and I love the prints on these leggings MyProtein sent me. I love the high waist tights (so much more comfortable), and they fit perfectly, so snug. I didn’t know MyProtein make fitness clothes too, so I was surprised to see how big a collection they have – and the affordable prices! I love all their different colorful prints. (For my international readers, here’s their english website).

What’s your favorite ab exercise? Let me know in the comments!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

*I was very kindly sent this outfit for free. All opinions and text are as always my own. For more information, see my full disclaimer →

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Hardcore Core WorkoutHardcore Core Workout
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  1. says: Effi

    This definitely looks like a challenge! But i wanna try it! 🙂 Thanks for sharing xx

    Effi | ww.sparkleberryblog.wordpress.com

  2. says: Ella Pinto

    I hate all types of mountain climbers because they don’t feel great on my back as I don’t think I’m always in the correct position. And it’s one I have yet to master, but I admit I actually included these in my work out last night (just, opposed to you I had a really sad look on my face)

    Lovely as per usual <3

    Ella x

    1. says: Anne

      Haha, I don’t think I usually smile when I workout, I just can’t help it when the camera is on 😀 It’s better to avoid them then, it can be bad for your lower back if you’re not being careful xx

  3. 1. stop smiling and looking so happy during your workout 😉 (read sarcasm you look great and I am jelly in a good way-lol)
    2. love your outfit congrats on being sent the clothes, that is awesome!! I got super excited for you Whoo hoo!
    3. love this workout, when I got in my car accident my PT informed me I had a no core strength-had I had any core strength I wouldn’t have been in therapy for 2 years-so I really appreciate this workout!

    Ok done hogging your comments 🙂 Shared as usual, because you are awesome