Shoes for the Gym & Crossfit – What I Want for My Birthday

Nike Metcon 2 // Nike Free tr 6 // Nike Free Cross Compete // Nike Dual Fusion tr 3 // Adidas Crazy Train Pro // Reebok nano

Here’s my recommendations for the best shoes to wear to the gym.

At the top of my wishlist for my birthday was new training shoes. And when you look at the shoes I currently use, you’ll understand why.

broken shoes.jpg

These shoes are over 12 years old. I got them for playing indoors soccer in 5th grade. And they’re falling apart. (I find it almost embarrassing to admit how long I’ve had these shoes for, but I don’t buy a lot of stuff or throw it out before it’s completely useless).

So I’m getting new training shoes. The shoes I’ve collected here are a good fit for most gym goers that need shoes for a bit of everything.

However, if you do a lot of cardio, especially running, these shoes don’t have a shock absorbent heel. The heel is actually solid, because you want to have stable foundation when lifting weights. You don’t want to squat in shoes that basically feels like this:

Seriously, there’s no good reason to do this. It’s just stupid and begging for an injury

But if you like me do a mix of lifting weights, cardio, mobility and body weight movements, you also don’t want shoes that completely locks you in like weightlifting shoes. That’s why I’m looking for shoes with a stable heel, but a flexible front foot that allows you to move, sprint and so on.

I don’t do crossfit, but I’m basically looking at shoes that are good for crossfit-like workouts.

Some shoes are more affordable than others, and if you want (and can afford it) there are many more expensive models available – I just haven’t put them on this list, because they’re out of my league! 😅


Nike Metcon 2

I’ve been crushing on these shoes for a while (I just love the style of the grey & black ones!) and they’re actually on their way to me right now! I got mine from Sportmaster, but as it’s a Danish store, I’ve found the links on amazon as that seems more helpful for most of you international people.


Nike Free tr 6


Nike Free Cross Compete


Nike Dual Fusion tr 3


Adidas Crazy Train Pro


Reebok nano

Now, I couldn’t make a list of crosstraning shoes without including Reebok nano, which is pretty much the ultimate crossfit shoe. Now, the latest model isn’t exactly cheap, but sometimes you can find older models on sale, and they are still good quality. The image is of the Reebook Crossfit Nano 7.

Which shoes do you use for your workouts? Let me know in the comments!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx
Shoes for the Gym & Crossfit - What I Want for My Birthday
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  1. says: Melissa

    Jeg elsker dette! Jeg har faktisk lige købt Nike Metcon 2 i Sportmaster (de var på tilbud :D) da jeg starter til cross fit i morgen. Så fantastisk at vide at de er lige så vilde som de beskriver (y)

    1. says: Anne

      Fedt – det var det samme jeg gjorde! Håber du bliver glad for dem, jeg er hvert fald glad for mine. Og held og lykke med crossfit!

  2. says: Anonymous

    Good recommendations! One thing I’d add though, is nike shoes tend to fit more narrow on the spectrum of shoes. If ladies are looking for a wider shoe, New Balance has ‘D’ (wider width) options in some styles. All men’s shoes start at a D width, and ladies a standard B. So if you’re a lady, going to the men’s section is an option too (just get about a size and a half down from your regular shoe size). Don’t know what kind units are used elsewhere, but in Canada (& I believe US) women’s sizes tend to run from 5 or 6 to 10, sometimes 11.