Fun with Fitness #Fitbunnieschat

It’s important to remember to have fun while you’re trying to get fit. I’ve collected the best tips from the #Fitbunnieschat on how to make a healthy lifestyle more fun! Click through to read more, or repin to save for later!

“Tonight, on we take a look at how you can have fun with fitness. Now welcome your host, Aaaaaaaaaaanne Kvavaouop!!”

Imagine that being sad by a TV speaker with an awesome voice, rather than me sitting alone in my bedroom, covered by a blanket.

That’s not my last name by the way, it’s just impossible to pronounce in English.

Putting the bad jokes away for a second, I had the honour of hosting the twitter chat #Fitbunnieschat today – and it was a blast! This community is just amazing.

There were some interesting and helpful answers from everyone participating, and I’ve picked a couple I want to share with you in case you missed the chat.



A1: love running & about to start classes this week for the 1st time 🙊 would be thankful for any recommendation #fitbunnieschat

– by MielandMint @MielandMint

A1 I’m all into running at the moment, I’m a member of my local running club #fitbunnieschat

– by Sophie@astoldby_sophie

Group classes, I love being motivated by an instructor! Whether that’s Spin or Zumba or anything really 🙊 #fitbunnieschat

– by Sophie Hamilton @sophhamilton

Squats squats squatssss. (& not just because I do them in front of the TV… haha!) #fitbunnieschat

– by Stephanie Mead @StephLeaMead

I’m into HIIT workouts at the moment! I get a vid up on YouTube and then sweat it out before work! #fitbunnieschat

– by Helen @Jumblebug1503

#fitbunnieschat A1. I did dance from the age of 3 until 18 and I absolutely loved it 💪🐰👟

– by Emma Louise @owlsandstags


usually when you don’t want to workout it’s when the workout goes best and I do better #fitbunnieschat

– by Ella Pinto @ellapintoo

Being dragged to the gym by my boyfriend definitely helps – I feel motivated once I’m there #fitbunnieschat

– by Sophie Mills @EssentialTwenty

A2. That gorgeous (2 sizes smaller) dress in my closet & overpriced gym membership 🙈 #fitbunnieschat

– by MielandMint @MielandMint

yeah I set an early alarm, go before I’ve fully woken up so I never have time to think about not going 😂 #fitbunnieschat

– by Sarah Hamersley @sarah_hamersley

#fitbunnieschat A2. I tell myself to find the negative in working out; there isn’t one. I know I’ll feel better afterwards. LETS DO THIS!💪🐰👟

– by Emma Louise @owlsandstags


A3. I don’t physically have a workout partner but @TamzinSwann and I text so that counts, right? 💪🐰👟

–  by Emma Louise @owlsandstags

me and my boyfriend are each others – it’s fab for getting each other to the gym! #fitbunnieschat

– by Stephanie Hartley @stephhartley4

I have this month and been really enjoying it. Went a lot more than I ever have #fitbunnieschat

– by Tamzin✨ @TamzinSwann

My boyfriend goes to the gym with me but we often do different things. It works well though! #fitbunnieschat

– by Sophie Mills @EssentialTwenty

A3. I don’t but I really wish I did. I’d definitely workout a lot more if someone was counting on me! #fitbunnieschat

– by Sian @CakeyDreamer


I use my @FitbitUK and I have a 7 min HIIT app for days when I don’t have a lot of time #fitbunnieschat

– by Bex @bubblybex3

I always record what I do but no specific app! I love the health app though for tracking steps during the day #fitbunnieschat

– by Tara Daniella @taradaniella_

A4. I use a few fitness related apps-@FitbitUK is my fave 🙌🏻💕 #fitbunnieschat

– by MielandMint @MielandMint

myfitnesspal as the machines at the gym link and saves my progress! I also like it for logging my food! #fitbunniescha

– by Helen @Jumblebug1503

I have a @fitbit – with my sedentary job, I want to make sure that I move a little and it can track workouts #fitbunnieschat

– by Sassy @cupventure


A5. I try to only do fun exercises that I enjoy. No point in forcing myself to do something I’ll hate! #fitbunnieschat

– by Sian @CakeyDreamer

I love trying out new recipes and healthier bakes when I want a sweet treat! & buying gym clothes/accessories #fitbunnieschat

– by Tara Daniella @taradaniella_

A5: BALANCE. I try to do fun things. When it comes to diet I eat healthy (vegetarian), but dont deny myself anything (choco) #fitbunnieschat

– by Mia @whatmiadid

I make my cheat meals into someone fun but still healthy. I also try not to beat myself up if I have a bad day #fitbunnieschat

– by Chanele @Miss_Chanelli

A5. Healthier type of food & cute workout gear😍
Healthy lifestyle ultimately benefits our lives so yay to that #fitbunnieschat

– by MielandMint @MielandMint

If you missed the chat, I’d love to hear your answers in the comments!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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Fun with Fitness #Fitbunnieschat
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  1. I’m so sad I missed that chat! I’m aiming to get my fitness a lot better this year! I’ve been going to the gym 3-4 times a week and eating really well! 🙂

    Great blog, definitely a new reader!

    F x

  2. yeaaaaaaaaaah I was included by the ultimate and lovely Anne Kvavaouop 😛 (My last name can’t neither be spelled nor pronounced in English, so we’re in the same boat here)
    I loved the chat, you make a great host 🙂 Will you host again, some time soon?

  3. says: Cortney

    I love your writing style! I have been meaning to join the #fitnessbunnieschat to get a little bit more motivated but haven’t made it yet 😉 Will you be hosting more? I will be starting BBG 1 in Feb so I’ll be sure to join in the chat once I’m actually working out. Thanks for posting!

  4. Your website is adorable! I wish I had known about this chat- I’m going to have to make sure to follow you so I can participate in the next one! 😉
    I’m so lazy when it comes to the motivation to workout, when I workout with a group I find it so much easier to be motivated. I must admit though, since I bought my Fitbit I’ve been much more active than I was last year!

    1. says: Anne

      Thank you Lindsey! You’re not alone when it comes to that, it’s easier when you have someone to motivate and support you! It’s great that the fitbit helps you too x

  5. Awesome! And nice that you did it 🙂 not sure if I wouldn’t be too afraid to say something wrong … xD Oh yes, English and foreign names that usually doesn’t go very well. English has it’s very specific way of pronounciation and usually native speakers have a lot of trouble with other languages, same goes for French. I guess it goes back to all those language groups. I wonder if I could pronounce it, lol 🙂 I probably could if I heard it first. I’m basically a parrot and can mimic people’s accents. But now I went off-topic too much, I’m sorry! You asked good questions and got nice and good responses 🙂

    1. says: Anne

      Thanks Mel! It can sometimes be a challenge to make your point 100% clear in less than 140 characters, but everyone is so kind I don’t think it can really go wrong 🙂 That’s a really cool talent, I can’t even do a proper english accent! Haha 😀 x