On Freedom & Fried Brains | Friday Things #9

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I’d love for you to join in by updating us on your goal in the comments, or if you’re a blogger, leaving a link to your goal-setting post. This way we can help each other stay motivated in our weekly aspirations, and eventually take over the world! Also, puppies 😉

Yay. Woo. Summer. Great! I’m just realising that it’s hard to write down sarcasm.

Why would I even be feeling down when my 2 months off uni just started? Well, I’m writing this as I just got home from my exam. And it didn’t go well. My brain was at as much use as a potato. Except you could fry the potato and it would be delicious. A fried brain is just useless. Well, unless you’re a cannibal – and in case you’re wondering, yes there’s actually more carbs in a brain than a potato, and it’s all sugar! So the moral is, brains are a treat, not an everyday meal.

Wait, no, it is that I hate exams. But they’re over for now!

Another exciting thing that happened just last Friday, was that I was voted Best European Health Blogger. I still can’t quite believe it!

If you're looking for blogs that are passionate about living a healthy, active lifestyle, look no further. Here's a rundown of all the winners from the 2016 HBC x That Protein Health Blog Awards!

In other news I was busy so panicking about the fact that I wasn’t studying last week, that I didn’t get a chance to catch up on my goal from Friday Things #8, so let’s do that now.

Things I totally did last week or at least tried to

  • Give the blog a break: Compared to my usual schedule, I only posted 4/7 because I wanted to focus on my exams. I still didn’t succeed at that really, but I also didn’t feel bad about missing the dates.
  • Go for daily walks: I did go for walks or to the gym that week. This week I’ve only been to the gym, but I have been pretty consistent!
  • Try to cook proper meals: I have been better when it comes to cooking my own meals, but the stress of exams did not make it easy!
  • Don’t die before my exams: Well I still have a pulse, but I feel like I only barely made it.

Things I’m totally gonna do next week probably

  • Have a 100% lazy day: My exams are over, and I need some me-time to recover.
  • Be active daily: I’ll be aiming for 5 workouts at the gym, and at least short walks or foam rolling for the rest.
  • Clean the mess that is my apartment: I’ve been putting this off until after exams, I need to do something about it now!
  • Plan blog content for the upcoming month: I’m using a new tool to plan my blog content, and it’s making planning in advance so much easier and just takes the stress out of it!
  • Watch all the EURO matches: Yeah, I’m a massive football fan and I think this is a totally productive goal! My favorite team is Spain, but it seems like it will be difficult to predict who wins this year. Who are you rooting for?

Things that are too cute for this world

Because cute animals are the key to happiness and this way I can pretend I’m being productive when I spend hours looking at puppies – “It’s for the blog!!!”

I mean, look at…

…this wolf nose

This is also me when I see dogs

This almost Jesus pug

What are your goals for the new week? Let me know in the comments – And have a great weekend!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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  1. says: meganh295

    Yay I just finished my exams too! *high five*
    My goal for the next week is to relax, go out an explore the city and maybe be a little more active.

  2. My weekly goals are often the same, however, next week I have an evening out with friends planned at a local pub. Normally I would cave (eat crap and have a few drinks) but this time I am determined to make a healthy choice for tea & stick to a light tonic water instead.

    Emma | HarmonyBlaze.co.uk

  3. says: Sassy

    I’m happy you took a blog break for your exams. Sometimes, everything can be so overwhelming and yeah, it’s better to take a break than to be unhappy with everything and feel stressed all the time.
    I should try to go for daily walks as well 🙂 It’s so refreshing actually … even though, now it’s probably just hot. haha.
    I really, really want to clean my appartment as well. I am so happy to have more time now, even though I still have to study for some exams, but the lack of time for cleaning, organising and resting was really getting to me.
    What tool are you using for blog planning?
    And watching EURO definitely seems like a legit, productive plan. 😉 Which is your favourite team? As a German, mine must be Germany ;-D