Friday Five #3

Yay, another Friday is here! And Easter is coming as well, I can tell you I’m looking forward to some time off before exams start.

5 things I love about Spring

  • Sunshine and longer days
  • Colorful flowers
  • Not hating being outside
  • Coming out of hibernation
  • Positivity is in the air

5 Things I want to improve about my blog

  • Be more focused instead of trying to do everything and failing
  • Improve my photography
  • Make more Pinterest friendly images
  • Prioritize responding to and commenting back on all comments
  • Spread more positivity
    • Side note: It’s come to my attention that multiple internet providers in the UK has classified my blog as inappropriate for people under 18 because it ‘glorifies self-harm’. I’m incredibly upset by this, and still hoping it’s a mistake. But it turns out it’s hard to get help from their customer service – because well, I’m not a customer nor am I in the UK.

5 best motivational speeches from NFL players



What do you love most about spring? Let me know in the comments!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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  1. says: Mira

    These are really good goals, I also want to get better at getting back on comments, I always forget to do that. I am so happy that spring has finally arrived, I love the warm weather, the sunshine, being able to eat outside and seeing all the flowers come back to life. Oh and I hope they fix that soon – your blog is really inspiring and definitely doesn’t promote self-harm. xx

    1. says: Anne

      Now that I’ve made it a goal, I better reply to your comment (it would be kinda funny if I didn’t) 😉 Me too, I can’t wait to spend some time in the soon! Thank you lovely, I hope it will be fixed soon x

  2. says: Lottie

    “Be more focused instead of trying to do everything and failing” definitely something all bloggers should learn (including myself lol). God, a look at you blog and I already feel like working out!
    Lottie x

  3. says: Leta

    I love a lot of things about spring! I love how warm it gets, how all flowers start to bloom and how the world gets more colorful 🙂 Also, I’m so sorry to hear that some providers think your blog is offensive. That’s ridiculous! Your blog is motivational and inspiring, and in no way ‘glorifies self-harm’! Hope it all gets sorted out soon 🙂

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

    1. says: Anne

      That’s lovely, I can’t wait for all the flowers to come! Thanks Leta. It’s likely it’s just a bot that’s made a mistake, and I hope I can get a human to overturn the decision – I’m just worried it will take a long time 🙁 But hopefully it will all be sorted out