Friday Favorites #7

Friday Favorites 7

Good morning Friends!

I always look forward to sharing my favourite things with you on Fridays, and this is no different. I have, however, made some changes to what I’m sharing here. I was thinking about what I would like to read on a Friday. I’d want to read something that made me feel good, something that would made me laugh, or something interesting to read as I wait for the weekend to fully start – or to read when I finally have time during the weekend. That’s what I want to do with my Friday Favorites.

I also want encourage you to join in! Share a link to something you’ve been loving lately, a link to the best post you’ve written this week, or just a cute dog in the comments! (Did you know I love cute animals? There might be a few in today’s post…)

Here’s what I’ve been loving lately!

Friday Favorites #7 – Week 4

Cocoa smoothies. So good.

Delicious cocoa smoothie - perfect after a workout. Click through to see the recipe, or repin to save for later!

These 27 healthy dessert recipes you can make in a blender by Greatist

I’ve spent a lot of time on my foam roller lately, and my body just feels so good afterwards.

Meet my foam roller. Some people call it a torture instrument, but I call it my personal massage therapist. Here's why you should get a foam roller

Need a motivationboost? Here are the best TED talks of all time according to Career Girl Daily

© Robowecop

If you’re having a bad day, here’s 28 things you can do to make it a little better by Rhianna at Robowecop

Here’s a delicious vegetarian dinner in the form a kale pesto pizza recipe by Cookie+Kate

Lastly, this awesome full body home workout on The person who wrote this is totally cool (Hint: it’s me) – but Sassy is an amazing person as well, and you should check out her blog.


Cute animals make me really happy, and I hope they can bring a smile on your face too.


This just makes me happy. I’m happy for you Panda.



Share what you’ve been loving lately in the comments. Happy Friday!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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  1. Aww, Anne, those animal videos are all soooo cute, I wanna cry *.* (I definitely need a puppy one day, when I have the time to properly take care of a dog!)
    Also, a big thank you for promoting your guest post and my blog, that’s so lovely!! <333
    I wish I could try the Kale pizza recipe, but I've never seen real kale in Switzerland. I tried to substitute it once with another kind of salad for some other recipe, but it was disgusting, so I don't think that's how it's meant to taste haha
    Sassy xx

    1. says: Anne

      I know they’re so fluffy I can’t control myself!! I’m dreaming of the day I can finally get a puppy, I’m probably going to cry from excitement and cuteness overload 😀
      I was actually thinking of if it would be okay if I posted the picture of the workout to tumblr (the big one), because that type of post usually do well there, but I don’t know.
      You better stay safe from the kale and just go with regular pizza 😉 x

    1. says: Anne

      Yes, they’re always so interesting. I often listen to them when I’m cooking or doing the dishes – great way to learn a lot (you didn’t even know you needed to know) 🙂

  2. says: Mira

    All of these animals are so cute, especially the bunnies! I got two bunnies myself and they are pretty old now but I often think of the day they were born, they were too adorable! That pizza is looking fantastic btw, I should try to make it myself. 🙂 I hope you have a great weekend! x

  3. says: Claire

    I love this post – I think it IS what made me happy this Friday… or is that too meta?! Very excited to check out the healthy dessert links (and specifically the cocoa smoothie), I’ve been fairly good with my sugar-free new year’s resolution… but a little bit of dessert now and then wouldn’t go amiss!

    1. says: Anne

      I think that answer is about as acceptable as dividing by zero, so that’s not good 😉 But thank you! It’s always better to indulge in a healthy dessert with a bit of sugar and lots of other nutrients than fast food in my opinion xx

    1. says: Anne

      Yes it’s amazing!! I love people’s reaction when they realize that James Corden can actually sing! 😀 Thank you for sharing, I hope you have a fab Friday x