Friday Favorites #1

Happy Friday! Are you ready for the holiday? Christmas is creeping closer!

I’m going home to my parents along with my siblings (all 3!) to celebrate christmas. We haven’t meet up as often as we used to this fall, so I’m really looking forward to spending time with them.

What are your plans for christmas?

Let’s get going on this new segment where we share our weekly favorites – You should add yours in the comments!

Friday Favorites #1 – Week 51

© A Million Miles

© A Million Miles

FAVORITE FOOD: 12 delicious and healthy snack recipes by A Million Miles.

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FAVORITE PHOTO: This is the photo from my instagram the majority of you liked this week.

FAVORITE WORKOUT: The 15 Moves in 15 minutes Workout by Greatist.

FAVORITE MENTAL HEALTH ADVICE: How to Deal With Depression in Your 20s by Greatist. – Because being in your 20s is more than just partying and being irresponsible. It’s filled with life changing decisions, and it’s hard.

amiehayward collage
© Amie Hayward

FAVORITE INSTAGRAMER: Amie Hayward (@amiehayward) from She’s a beautiful blogger, and absolute sweetheart. I just love Amie, she’s always very caring and supportive – and you should congratulate her on being married for 1 year this week ?

FAVORITE FITNESS FASHION: Sporttights w/ turqoise pattern from H&M. – They are on my christmas wishlist, and if I’m lucky, they’ll also be under the christmas tree.

FAVORITE QUOTE: 13 Inspirational quotes from your favorite childrens books by Mindbodygreen. – I’m feeling nostalgic.

© xkcd

FAVORITE COMIC: Overthinking by xkcd. – It’s okay. Even if you move less and eat more (as everybody does) this christmas, you will still be okay. Don’t let restrictive thoughts keep you from enjoying yourself.

Your favorites

Share your favorite post from the week in the comments – if you’re a blogger too, you can share one you’ve written yourself.

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  1. says: Jhoei

    Christmas is my favorite holiday as it is the time for celebrating with the families and friends. I am planning to spend more time with my sisters this holidays and we will be spending it out of town.

  2. says: Sassy

    omg, such an amazing post idea. 🙂
    The comic is great. And those tights … <33
    I also love Amie 🙂 She's a great person and is very supportive 🙂
    Sassy xx

  3. says: Elvira

    I have little or nothing to add in the categories that you mention but OH MY GOD I love that first site you mentioned. Thanks for the find!! (and just in time – as I am preparing for a more healthy snacking habit in this home!)