7 Things I Want to Do In February

Goodbye January, Hello February!

February, I’m surprised to find, has a lot busier calendar than last month.

How will I get through this?!

I know I will somehow, but right now I’m wondering where I can find a secret lair with superpowers or get bitten by a radioactive… what’s the opposite animal of a sloth? a Cheetah?

But it brings me joy to see that lots of my plans are not just obligations, but interesting events or together with lovely people – so it will be worth it!

In February I Look forward to or want to…

  • …Bake fastelavnsboller. Fastelavnsboller, or shrovetide buns, are sweet buns with custard inside and icing on top. It’s a tradition to bake them in February, around fastelavn. I don’t think I’ve baked some since domestic science in 6th grade!
  • … Celebrate my 24.5 year birthday 🎂 Actually, I’m not really so weird that I celebrate my half birthdays,it’s just that they coincide with my sister’s actual birthday. As the responsible big sister, I’ll do anything to steal her thunder (though I secretly love her endlessly).
  • … Attend a SEO workshop. I’m excited to meet up with fellow bloggers to learn new skills, specifically about SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) from an expert.
  • … Visit Papa’s papbar. The coziest place in Odense is a board game cafe called Papa’s. I’m much more of a ‘hangout and play board games’ than a ‘get blackout drunk’ type and love coming there
  • … Be excited that the January diet-talk will finally have to die down
  • … Watch Crazy Ex-Girlfriend. I’ve mentioned how crazy I am about this show, and recently found out Danish TV (psst, DR3) is airing the 4th season (whích isn’t even on Netflix yet).
  • … Be kind to myself on high pain days. I’ve found that difficult lately. It’s hard when I’m missing out on things, and feel like I’m falling behind in life and my body just can’t keep up. I’m trying to maintain a positive outlook, but my situation isn’t positive.

What do you look forward to in February? Let me know in the comments!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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