6 Things I wanna do in February

Goodbye January, hello February

January has been a long month, at least for me New Year’s eve seems like ages ago. I spent a lot of time stressing over exams, the pain flared up and made it even more difficult. But I almost made it through, and I’m still standing.

Last week I started on a project for a company as part of my degree (kinda like an internship, but not really). So I’ll be spending a lot of February plowing through scientific litterature and studies on the prevention of neck pain in office workers. Yay! (that’s actually not ironic, I find it interesting and I love the work environment so far).

In February I want to…

  1. Celebrate my sister. She turns… I just had to stop and think for a moment, in my head she’s still like 13 at most, but she’s turning 18!
  2. Set clear boundaries between work and rest time. During my internship, I have fairly flexible hours. I find showing up at normal office hours, working hard, then going back home without having another couple of book chapters to read or assignment to write such a relief. I don’t spend my free time wondering  “Should I be studying?”. Rest without any guilt in the back of your head is so much better.
  3. See my doctor. That’s not really something I look forward. I do however, look forward to (hopefully) getting some answers, direction, treatment, anything that can help with the neck pain.
  4. Begin work on my Bachelor’s thesis. I don’t officially start until April, and I feel a mix of nervous and excited feelings about it – but above all, I’m look forward to finishing it and getting my degree.
  5. Go for more runs. Experiment with forms of movement that works for my body in its current state. It seems weird, but running does irritate my neck somehow? But the thrill of moving is honestly more important some days, and it doesn’t trigger a real flare up like lifting does.
  6. Valentines day… is not something I look forward to. Or care about. I just hope I don’t get sick of all the hearts freaking EVERYWHERE too soon.

A lot of my time and energy this month will be spend on university stuff, but I feel passionate about what I’m working on (a feeling I’ve sadly been missing), so it’s okay.

What do you look forward to in February?

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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