Workout Systems to Try: EMOM Lower Body Workout

Do you know what AN EMOM workout is?

Hint: it has nothing to do with electronic-moms and everything to do with working out!

EMOM is short for every minute on the minute.

It’s a way to do interval strength training, where at the start of a new minute, you do a specific task for a set amount of reps, then rest until the next minute starts.

One place you’re guaranteed to bump into this, is if you do crossfit, as it’s one way a WOD (workout of the day) can be structured.

It’s a very versatile type of workout, and can be used for all sorts of training: strength, muscle building, technique, power, cardio – you name it!

But this training principle is not just limited to strength training – it can also be used for, say, running: You have x seconds to run x metres, and the faster you run, the more time you have to run – so the recovery time will often get shorter rest periods. The challenge is to find the right balance between working and resting – you don’t want to make it to easy, but you also don’t want to die.

Anne smiling while wearing: Top: H&M. Sports bra: Nike. Leggings: Nike.
Top: H&M Sports bra: Nike Leggings: Nike

It’s a very versatile type of workout, and can be used for all sorts of training: strength, muscle building, technique, power, cardio – you name it!

It’s all about how you design the workout.

The workout I’m giving you at the end of this post is a mix of strength-inspired and high-intensity moves.

Two completely different examples of an EMOM could be:

5 pull ups every minute for 8 minutes


2 back squats at 65% RM for 10 minutes


This lower body workout requires

It can be done at home as well as at a gym.

Set the timer to ring every minute for 12 minutes.

In minute 1-6 you will alternate between doing 15 dumbbell thrusters and Romanian deadlifts – 3 sets of each, then move on to 15 goblet squats and 20 jump lunges for 3 sets each.

You’ll want to set a fairly high pace, but not so fast you sacrifice good form.

{See the workout video on Instagram}

12 minutes lower body emom workout using dumbbells.

The exercises

Minute 1-6


Dumbbell thruster exercise demonstration

Focus on keeping your core tight throughout the movement. The main force driving you up should come from your glutes and hips so your arms and shoulders aren’t lifting the entire weight.


Dumbbell deadlift exercise demonstration

As always, it’s important to keep tension in your core and keeping your lower back straight and keep your shoulders back.

Minute 7-12


Goblet squats exercise demonstration

With feet slightly wider than shoulder-width apart, keep your abs engaged and make sure your knees doesn’t fall in but stays in line with your toes.


Jumping lunges exercise demonstration

Start out in a lunge position, use both legs and your arms to jump up, legs switching position in air. Make sure your front knee is in line with your toes, and the rear knee close to the ground.

Wearing: Top from H&M / Sports bra from Nike / Leggings from Nike

You might also want to try one of these workouts:

Modify the EMOM workout to your level

Make it easier:

  • Lower the amount of reps you need to do each minute
  • Lower the total length of the workot
  • Substitute exercises with easier variations, like incline push ups instead of push ups
  • Decrease the load, ie use lighter weights or no weight.

Make it harder:

  • Increase the amount of reps you need to do each minute
  • Increase the total length of the workout
  • Substitute exercises with harder variations, like decline push ups instead of push ups.
  • Make sure you’re hitting the full range of motion.
  • Do another workout afterwards

Have a great workout!

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