Do You Blog to be Popular?

Lately I’ve been writing a lot of posts that in one way or the other is centered around stats and numbers.

Just look at this:

What’s going on? Do I really blog to be popular?

It seems to be a common opinion in the blogging world that if you blog to be popular, you’re in it for the wrong reason!

But I’ll be honest with you: I do not not blog to be popular. I like that people are reading my blog. And I like to think that I help at least some of those people, when I write a useful post. Or just by making them smile – that would be pretty great!

What I don’t want is to sacrifice my integrity or be dishonest with you to become popular. The main reason why I blog is that I genuinely like to – and I will never give that up just to reach a bigger audience.

My priorities are, and always will be, in this order

  1. My blog is my safe space – I can talk openly about mental health and whatever else I want to
  2. I blog because I enjoy it
  3. I want to use my little space of the internet to spread positivity
  4. I want to try hard to provide value with my posts – either by offering advice or just slightly brightening someone’s day
  5. To build/be part of a positive community of inspiring people with an interest for fitness and health (Which is essentially almost the same as ‘be popular’ but this seems to have less of a negative connotation)
  6. I want to share cute dog videos although it’s completely off topic for my blog 😉

So when people say it’s wrong to blog to be popular, I don’t think they mean it’s wrong to want people to see your work. It’s if popularity is the only goal. If you’re okay with being a bad person, screwing people over just to get to the top, and don’t care about anyone, including your readers.

Nobody* ever goes

This is just AWFUL, I got yet another follower on Instagram! 😭”

*Except that one time I checked out a new follower, and it was somebody who posted a pic every time they had gone to the toilet… Just so you can imagine how disgusting this was, the caption on the latest photo was ‘had corn lol’. Excuse me while I go throw up again. I’m so sorry I told you that, it’s not even necessary to prove my point.

Back on track: That person is definitely not in it to be popular (I hope).

Still, I kinda am – and I think most bloggers are too, they just don’t like to use that word.

I look at numbers a lot – but they’re not all that matters. I care more about making this something I’m proud of. I care about connecting with people, and the friendships I’ve build through of blogging. I’m not doing everything I possibly can to grow my blog – because I don’t enjoy that. But when the things I enjoy doing overlap with growing my blog, of course I’m going to do them!

I don’t see the harm in that. Considering the popularity of the posts I mentioned in the intro, I’m not the only one!

What do you think? Is it wrong to blog to be popular? Let me know in the comments!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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Do You Blog to be Popular?
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  1. says: Timea

    Great article! I’m relatively new to the health and fitness blogging scene and naturally, I want to grow my audience and my blog so that I can inspire those who read my articles. I’ve realised that the best way I can do that is by being authentic and writing about topics that have motivated or inspired me, instead of writing lesser quality posts about supposedly popular topics or trying to imitate some so-called influential bloggers.

  2. says: Lexes

    I think we all blog because we love it and of course we want people to see what we post. Being a part of a community makes us feel whole! <3

  3. says: Sana

    I blog to be popular! Just kidding. I am so inspired by other bloggers that I am also inspired to blog and live a happier and healthier life!

  4. says: glenneth

    great post! i blog because i want to and enjoy it! there are so many different types of blogs out there that there is truly something for everyone.

  5. I never really thought of it as blogging to be popular. I share what I’m passionate about for that reason. Passion. Being popular would be bonus but not the purpose.

  6. says: Aliah

    I love your take on this. Blogging is an outlet to me. It has also allotted me great opportunities. I’m not doing it for fame and fortune but to connect with others on their healthy living journeys, create a safe/body positive community, and share my own successes and failures. We are all in this together!

  7. says: Ilka

    I don’t blog to be popular but blogging gives me a creative outlet for things I’m interested in. Just for that reason alone I love blogging:)

  8. says: Patti

    That’s an interesting topic! I think as long as your main priority is to enjoy it and have fun with blogging, there is nothing wrong to care about numbers and popularity of your posts as well!

  9. says: Mira

    I found it really refreshing to read a post about this topic as I’m sure we all want to be ‘popular’ but no one really addresses it. There is absolutely nothing wrong with the wish to be popular in my opinion – as long as it’s not the main goal, just like you said! The bigger the audience, the more people you can help and inspire and I also love finding new bloggers and checking out new followers (as long as they don’t post their shit in the literal sense haha). xx

  10. says: Leta

    Interesting topic, Anne. I don’t think it’s necessary wrong to blog to be popular. Well, it’s bad if you are only doing to get more attention and maybe get something out of it for materialistic reasons. But I don’t think blogging to become more know in the blogging community is bad if you want to do it for the reasons you listed. If I want to inspire people, I won’t succeed without expanding my readership.

    -Leta | The Nerdy Me

  11. says: Sassy

    Great post, Anne!
    I think we’re living in a worth where it’s easy to rate us with numbers (be it the number on the scale, the twitter follower count or whatever). It’s nothing wrong with checking on these numbers if you don’t get obsessed about it. I also understand if people get happy when they reach 1000 followers or weigh a stone less.
    What irritates me though, is when people post stuff like “Help me get to 751/300/3200/6429 followers. I follow back as well <3" Like that's more of a random number and why would they follow you back just like that? I follow people that I like or whose posts caught my eye, not because they follow back. lol. I think some people are probably more into being popular (I don't think that's a bad word, but as you said, there are different ways too achieve that). Some people are getting annoying with obsessing about those numbers in my opinion. Some don't, because they keep it balanced. Does that make sense?

    Also, totally unnecessary to talk about that follower. Now I have pictures in my head, that I definitely don't want there. You're definitely Deadpool-worthy.

    Lots of love 🙂 xx