9 Things I Want to Do in December

Goodbye November, hello December!

The month I’ve been waiting for is finally here!

December, you’ve been greatly missed. Not only is it the month of Christmas (which is enough to get excited about on its own), it’s also moving month!

We already start moving in November 30th, which by the time you’re reading this, might already have passed. At the time of writing, however, it’s all S and I can think about.

We’re spending so much time browsing Pinterest, furniture stores, IKEA and so on to find interior and decoration inspiration. It’s so close I can hardly wait!

Although once we move in, a lot of the projects and tasks that were put on hold, will suddenly be unpaused. December is busy enough on it’s own, but this time I predict an extra high probability of stress. However, this time I’ll have S by my side every day, helping me cope with the stress and making me smile.

In December I want to…

  1. … Immediately put up Christmas decorations in the new apartment! Can’t wait to turn it into a cozy home.
  2. .. Eat all the Christmas cookies. Okay, maybe I’ll share some.
  3. … Settle into our new apartment. Hopefully we’re not going to be like those people that still have unemptied moving boxes a month after they moved in – and can agree on where to put everything!
  4. … Go for a walk around Odense with my camera. To enjoy how beautiful the city is in December with all the Christmas lights.
  5. … Watch Bake Off Christmas edition. I don’t know if the Great British Bake Off has a Christmas edition – but Danish Bake Off does, and I love it.
  6. … Find gifts for the people I love. It’s kinda inevitable, but as long as I can do most of the shopping online, I don’t really mind – and if it brings other people joy, it’s worth it.
  7. … Share recipes for my Christmas cookies. I’ve had a couple of request for recipes when I’ve posted pictures of the Christmas cookies I’ve made with my family. It would make for a nice little series on the blog in December.
  8. … Have my first Christmas Eve away from home. I guess I really am becoming an adult now that I’m not spending Christmas eve with my own parents.
  9. … Celebrate the Christmas holidays with family. Both Sebastian’s and my own. This is the best part of December, isn’t it.

What do you look forward to in December?

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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