How to Completely Rock Blog Content Creation and Promotion

Hang on, you might want to sit down for this because I’m about to tell you about a tool that has revolutionised my blogging.

And I don’t think that’s an oversell. This tool gives me a visual overview of all my planned post, streamlines my workflow for every time I publish a post and lets me schedule a month’s worth of tweets in just a few minutes.

For bloggers, the biggest time consumers are creating and promoting great content for sure. If it’s only the creation part that takes up your time, chances are lots of people are missing out on your great content because you’re not putting it out there. Waiting for people to accidentally type your url into the address bar is a bad strategy, at least in my experience.

It’s time for CoSchedule to enter the stage, my must-have blogging tool.

For full disclosure, I’m using my referral link to the site (and it would be a douche move to only write this with a font-size 6 at the bottom of this page). Referral link means that if you sign up for this service, I will get a small discount on my subscription. That also means I’m not getting paid to use the link, and it only makes sense for me to do so because I’m already using and loving CoSchedule. You can learn more by reading my disclosure policy. And now I’m going to show you how awesome it is.

CoSchedule editorial calendar

If you’re completely new to CoSchedule you might want to watch this video to get an idea of what it’s all about, but I will also be giving you a breakdown of how I use it.

This is an overview of my editorial Calendar a peek into at the time of writing, my unpublished posts.

Coshedule overview

CoSchedule integrates so well WordPress that it’ll automatically load all your posts into the calendar. Additionally, it integrates with Google Drive and Evernote. I’m especially a fan of the latter, as it’s where I type up drafts of my post – which I can drag-and-drop into the calendar and convert to a blog post when I’m ready.

But even if you’re not on WordPress, you can still make good use of it – like I’ve only been self-hosted for 1.5 months, but have been using CoSchedule for much longer.

The post editor


Okay, let’s look at the post editing screen. There’re so many different functions, I was overwhelmed at first, so let’s take a closer look at each of them together.

#1 Headline analyser

If I had written a post like this a few months back, it would be called ‘My editorial calendar’ or something else that’s about as riveting as watching paint dry or life without pizza. The Headline Analyzer (obviously) analyses your headline and gives it a score based what usually makes a good headline.

It reminds me to be more creative with my titles, and I’ve learned a lot from reading through the resources they provide when you to the ‘full analysis’ of your headline (I mean, you clicked to read this post, didn’t you?).

headline analyzer

#2 Post publishing and colour coding

You can change the date and time of when your post goes out + change status from ‘draft’ to ‘scheduled’ right from the CoSchedule dashboard. And you can colour code your posts. And as any organisation freak will now, colour coding is the bomb!

#3 Tasks (+Comments)

To keep track of all the things you have to do every time a post goes out, CoSchedule has tasks. I have a template called ‘New post’ which (wait for it) is a list of everything I need to do before a new post goes up, like actually write it and sort out images – and then I’ll add small tasks specific to the post.

(You might also find the comment section right below it useful if you’re not one-woman-machine like me)

tasks coschedule

#4 Social queue

Now we’re starting to get to the really good stuff. CoSchedule works with most social media sites, including

  • Facebook
  • Twitter
  • Pinterest
  • Google+
  • Tumblr

And you can schedule content to all of them at once! You can schedule based on specific dates or x days after publishing. And if you’re not picky about what time of day your post goes out, just let CoSchedule find the best time.

social message coschedule

Do you notice those {title} and {permalink} tags? They’re called social helpers. And it’s one of the greatest inventions ever, on the same level as fire and Nutella. The Title and Permalink-tags are automatically loaded from your post, and you can create even more yourself and use in captions across all social platforms.

If you’ve ever spent an evening copy-pasting a million tweets and scheduling each and every one of them, you’re going to appreciate this. Especially in connection with the social templates:

#5 Social templates

This is the gold. This is what lets me schedule social promotions for an entire month in no time.

A social template is basically a saved line-up of all the social messages you want to send out over a period of time, that you can quickly apply to blog posts.

Using the social helpers, I write different versions of my headlines that can be used as tweets. I also upload different images, like one optimised for Twitter, and others for Pinterest – and each has their own optimised text.

social template

Here’s a screenshot of just a part of my usual ‘new blog post’ template. I’ll have about 4 tweets + 1 Pinterest & Facebook post going out the first day, and then tweets going out every so often for a period of time. As only a small percentage of your followers will see a given tweet, it’s a good idea to post about your awesome blog post more than once.

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social template example

I also have a social template for evergreen content, that schedule tweets for 6 months, 1-3 tweets going out each month. It’s for the posts that continue to be popular and valuable, and that new followers should know about.

Then there’s a template I use for a Social Campaign promoting my Instagram and other social channels, and a template for my twitter chat, #Healthour.

It takes a little time to set everything up, but considering how much time it’ll save you in the future, I think it’s well worth it. Their help centre is also super helpful when it comes to learning how to use all the features.

And did I mention, if you install CoSchedule on your WordPress blog, you can access all this right below the post editor on every post?

This tool is amazing for reducing the stress that can come along when you try to post frequently and study at university at the same time, and I probably would have skipped posting completely during the stressful exam period if it wasn’t for this.

Now, I’ll be honest: It is a bit pricey (it’s worth it for me, but it might not be for you)

The good thing is, they offer a free trial when you first sign up.

To make it even better, whenever they launch a new feature (which is actually quite often), you’ll get an offer to restart your trial and try out the new feature (at least they did to me at the time). I was on my third trial when they launched Social Templates, and by the time I had learned to use it, I realised I couldn’t go without it when my trial was over!

I’m never going back to typing out and scheduling every individual tweet, or forgetting to post to I didn’t have time. CoSchedule is my must have to stay organised – but you can decide for yourself if it’s for you by starting your free trial 🙂

What tools do you use to stay organised and promote your blog? Let me know in the comments!

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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How to Completely Rock Blog Content Creation and PromotionHow to Completely Rock Blog Content Creation and Promotion
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  1. says: Yulissa

    This amazing!!! I need this in my life. As a mom, wife and blogger I have to plan all duties the right way. Otherwise, I might fail in some of them.

  2. says: Sue C

    Why have I never heard of this before?! This is something that I need to check out. Thanks for sharing and for giving a terrific review on the basics.

  3. says: Samantha

    I have seen a lot of people talking about how wonderful Co-Schedule is, but no one really got as in-depth as you did, so thank you for that! It will go on my list of things that I really really really want for my blog now! 🙂

  4. says: Darci

    OMG, this looks amazing! I do everything manually at this point, and it takes forever. This program is just what I need. Thank you for your detailed explanation and demonstration of it 🙂

  5. says: Cynthia

    Hello CoSchedule! I’m running a blog for my husbands website and am craving a good content calendar. I’m a wordpress lover and stoked that it integrates so beautifully! Hurrah! Thank you for this post, so so excited.x

  6. says: Amy

    This blows my mind. I am currently doing absolutely everything manually and I’m definitely suffering for it. As is my blog because I don’t have time to actually write. So what’s the point? I need this in my life.

  7. says: Rose

    This was a great post. I love coSchedule and was thinking about using it again. I didn’t even know about the headline analyzer – that is a super cool feature. You did a great job of showing the benefits and features of it so thank you for that!

  8. says: JK Wardell

    You’re a CoSchedule user also… pretty cool… it has saved me wasted time and caused me to be a lot more consistent with my blog… I chatted with support for a little bit they are working on getting us an app… Which will make it even better being able to do stuff from your cell without being at the laptop all the time 🙂

  9. I’m on the cusp of buying CoSchedule so that I can sit down and do all my social media in as much of a batch as possible. This article has landed in front of me just at the right time. I really wanted to get more details about the “inside” of the product before I started a trial so that I could get the most out of it. Thanks for writing this, it’s been a great read, will have to come back at weekend to go through it with a toothcomb and then sign up!

  10. says: Mira

    That sounds absolutely amazing, this is exactly what I need in my life! I used to schedule tweets every evening for the next day but it was too much work and eventually I just stopped. xx

  11. says: Adama Sofia

    I loved this! Have to definitely get this for my blog posts. I believe it will save me a lot of time! Thank you so much 🙂

  12. says: Sally

    Great post – I need something to help me get organised and to keep to my schedule. I like that you can plan your social media posts at the same time as scheduling your posts! Will have to look into this myself 🙂