24 Christmas Traditions I Always Look Forward To

Happy December! 🎅🏼

I’ll be honest, as I always are with you, and say I didn’t get the best start to the month of Christmas. It’s always a month I look forward to, and there are a lot of reason to be happy right now.

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None the less it’s been a bit rough for me, and I’ve struggled to hit reset mentally. So this afternoon I sat down in front of the TV, put on a good show, found some paper strips, scissors and tape and got creative.

DIY Christmas star

It’s good exercise in mindfullness to become completely consumed by creating something, and I found it so enjoyable – even if it’s more fun when you’re doing it with other people.

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I always love hearing about other people’s Christmas traditions. Different countries have different traditions, but even in Denmark families always celebrate in their own unique way.

I wanted to share the traditions I love, what I always do around Christmas, and I’d love to hear your list!

My Christmas Traditions

  1. Calendar candles. Or Christmas candle lights. As far as I can tell (from my very quick googling), this is a fairly young Danish tradition. Every year, in school as well as home, we get a candle that count down the days until Christmas eve, and burn down one number a day.
  2. Putting up decorations. I even stole borrowed a few of my favorite nisser (elfs) from home
  3. The lights downtown. The cit center is so beautiful when all the lights are turned on.
  4. Watch Christmas movies. At least one. I’m not that big a fan of christmas movies, but in good company they’re okay!
  5. Advent calendars. I usually get a chocolate one and a scratchcard one. Yum!
  6. Christmas calendars. I’m not watching any of the new ones this year, but The Julekalender is always hilarious!
  7. Peppernuts. To be honest I’ve been snacking on peppernødder since I saw them in the stores in November.
  8. The Christmas Eve feast. Food is unseperable from Christmas, and it’s always delivious on Christmas eve – and it’s also fun to get dressed up and have a good meal in good company.
  9. Exams. When you’re at uni, preparing for exams in January is sadly an unavoidable part of Christmas.
  10. Buying presents. I’m so behind on this. I like giving gifts (who doesn’t?!), but tend to stress about the money and whether they’ll really like it.
  11. Baking cookies: We always have a big production of all kinds cookies in December, and I have many good memories of these days with my mom.
  12. Play Christmas music. Preferably so much even S will have to get into the Christmas spirit.
  13. Christmas presents. Seeing the happy face when giving, as well as receing just the thing you’ve been wishing for!
  14. Æbleskiver. Google translate tells me they’re called apple slices, but they’re even more delicious. I’m not even sure there’s apples in them aside from the name.
  15. Create a wish list. I really need to send a list of my wishes to my family, they’ve been asking for a while!
  16. Confectionary. Our homemade kind never get that fancy, but it’s fun to make, and as long as it has lots of chocolate, I’m in!
  17. Watching the Disney Christmas Show. Every afternoon on Christmas eve.
  18. Coconut balls. Aside from cookies, there’s these coconut balls we make every year that are simply my favorite (the others don’t like them so there’s more for me!)
  19. Going skating. I love skating, especially on the ice rinks outside where you can really feel the christmas vibes (I’m just not sure it’s a good idea with my body this year)
  20. Get and decorate a christmas tree. I’m not getting a tree for my own room, but my parents are. My siblings and I always decorate it on the morning of the 24th.
  21. Play LoTR risk. This is a family tradition in the days after Christmas where we sometimes have a boardgame tournament, or a full day of playing LoTR risk.
  22. Visit Tivoli. I’ve never seen it at Christmas time, but I’m going this year with S’s family. It’s supposed to be beautiful.
  23. Dance around the Christmas tree. When you think about it, it’s such a weird thing to do (suddenly past cultures silly traditions doesn’t seem as silly). But it’s tradition, and it would be even weirder not to do it!
  24. Seeing my family. By now it’s a couple of years since I moved away from home, but every December I can’t wait to get home to my parents – because all traditions are more meaningful when we do them together.

What’s your favorite Christmas traditions?

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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