On Christmas Carols & Feeling the Christmas Spirit

Are you feeling the Christmas spirit yet?

I am, I’ve been baking so many Christmas cookies, listening to festive music and just created a huge origami Christmas star with my sister. But even before I travelled home to my family, a local event helped get in the right mood.

Fynske Influencers x Odense Symphony Orchestra

Fynske? Fünen? Funen? Well, the area of Denmark I live in. The lovely Jeanette Hardis and Rebecca Brincker have created a community where bloggers and influencers from here get to connect, meet and have fun together. I think it’s such a good idea, and am amazed how lovely the event they created was. It’s great when people take the initiative to build something like this!

Now, I’m not the most social person, and always feel awkward meeting strangers – but I’d hate if that meant I had to miss out on something like this.

The main event on the program was Odense Symphony Orchestra’s Christmas Carol concert. But before that, all 20+ bloggers met at Møntergården for drinks and a bite to eat. Though I didn’t catch exactly what it was, the food from Små Retter (Small dishes) was absolutely delicious!

The time flew by so fast I forgot to taste the dessert 

As a flock, we walked to Odense Concert Hall. I’ve never been to a classical concert before, and I was a bit sceptic about this part.

Was it going to be boring AF?

My fears were put to shame. The musicians were, of course, amazing, and I was glad to know at least some of the carols. For one of the songs the harp was the main instrument, which I really enjoyed because:

  1. Harp music is beautiful
  2. It made me think of this

Even better, we ended with community singing Glade jul, dejlige jul (Silent Night). Magical ending!

Odense Christmas Lights

As I was walking home from the event, I realised it was my last night in Odense, and I hadn’t taken any pictures of all the beautiful Christmas lights in the city.

There’s currently a beautiful light installation in Eventyrhaven and Munke Mose, but it had been turned off this late at night. So I walked through the city centre on my way home, capturing these pictures.

Are you feeling the Christmas spirit yet?

Gif that says lots of love, Anne xx

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